An Introduction to Utah Open Water

There is something about swimming in lakes, reservoirs and rivers that I love. Maybe it's the scenery or the freedom of not being confined to an indoor pool. Maybe it's the added challenge of wake, waves and currents or feeling like I am actually going somewhere and not just swimming laps. And maybe it's the enjoyment I get out of seeing just how far I can push myself. Whatever the reason, it's a great sport and Utah is a great place for it.

Utah has some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen and some of that scenery is right around Utah's many lakes and reservoirs. Triathlon in Utah has been taking advantage of many of these locations for a while now, but there are still many locations that deserve the attention of open water swimmers and race directors.

There are countless running, cycling and triathlon groups in the state, but what about us swimmers? Sure there are plenty of Master's teams, but what about those of us who want to focus on distance and open water when the weather is good? With the growth of open water swimming and the introduction of the 10K swim to the summer Olympics, I think it's time that we get something started here in Utah.

With that said, here are some things that I hope to provide through this website:
  • Resources and articles related to open water swimming
  • Scheduled workout swims during the warm months
  • Reviews of the many great places to swim in Utah
  • Calendar of open water events in Utah
  • Anything else you or I can come up with
Whether you are a triathlete looking for some tips on how to improve the swim leg of your races or a seasoned open water swimmer who has completed a swim across the English Channel, I hope that you will find something useful here.

If there is enough interest, I think it would be cool to start a Utah Open Water (UTOW?) team and maybe even put on a race or two. (If nothing else we could get some cool shirts or swim caps made).

Although I have been swimming for years, I am fairly new to open water swimming and am by no means an expert. I am open to any suggestions that you may have about the direction of this site and welcome any comments, links, submissions, etc.

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