Swim Las Vegas

I was recently introduced to our neighbors down south: Swim Las Vegas. Swim Las Vegas is Nevada's only open water and triathlon specific US Masters team. They are led by Paul Fritz, Kara Robertson and Jackie Arcana, all of whom have extensive swimming and coaching experience.

The team is well organized and offers services including private lessons, group training plans, underwater videotaping, stroke clinics and workout swims.

Their mission is as follows:

Swim Las Vegas is dedicated to providing innovative, professional level open water and pool swim coaching to endurance, triathlon and Masters swimmers. Our uniquely structured, focused programs are tailored to meet each individual swimmer’s goals, while fostering camaraderie, a team atmosphere, and a supportive environment for competition, fitness and confidence.

Swim Las Vegas is guided by the fundamental principles of ASCA and run by individuals who believe whole heartedly in the pursuit of excellence in the water, comprehensive “hands on” swimming instruction, and improving people’s lives through sport and fitness.

Swim Las Vegas also puts out an excellent monthly newsletter filled with tips and advice. Visit their website here to get access to past issues. The June issue features a two page article about our own Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim.

Also, be sure to check back for details about an open water swim at Lake Mead this October...

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