What's In Bountiful Lake?

After the Roundworm scare at Oquirrh Lake, I have been thinking about what kind of nasty stuff could be in the water at Bountiful Lake. I have been swimming there over the past few months with Gordon Gridley and have generally had a good experience there. Sure, the "lake" isn't in the best location and it always smells a little funny out there, but it's the most convenient body of open water for swimming in the area. Gordon and I have joked about the water quality, but he must have been worried after the Oquirrh Lake incident too because he wrote an email to Davis County to ask them if any tests had been done at Bountiful Lake. Click here to visit Gordon's blog and see the response he got from the county.

Some of the more interesting / disturbing things from the Davis County response:

It does not meet public pool standards, and there may be parasites, toxic algae or other safety issues that are under the surface, but we don’t know/test for that. What we have tested for doesn’t show obvious public health hazards are present.

I would suggest the following if you still plan on swimming: Swim with a buddy. Do not swallow the water. Always go feet first especially if you don’t know what’s under the water. Probably best to keep your head up above the lake surface. Be cautious and stay away from snapping turtles. Shower after use.
Parasites?! Toxic Algae?! Snapping Turtles?! These sound like three good reasons not to swim at Bountiful Lake. However, I tend to agree with Gordon on this one. Since both of us have been swimming there for a while and haven't noticed any ill effects, I plan to keep swimming there until 1) tests done that show that there really are parasites, toxic algae, etc. 2) someone gets sick from swimming there or 3) someone builds a new pond/reservoir near my house with crystal clear water that is open to swimmers. I have always tried to be cautious about swimming at Bountiful Lake and make a point to keep water out of my mouth, etc. I always wear a cap, but may start wearing ear plugs too to keep water out of my ears.