Liquid Image Freestyle Series Goggle Camera

I love to see all of the cool gadgets that come out of CES each year. This year in particular something caught my eye: the Liquid Image Freestyle Series goggle camera. It is basically a video camera and digital still camera built into a pair of swimming goggles. The goggles can go underwater to a depth of 15 feet. The design is pretty stylish and the goggles appear to be not much larger than triathlon goggles and masks. Video is VGA quality and the digital camera is 1.3 MP. The Freestyle Series goggles have 4GB of internal memory which the manufacturer says is good for 6,000 still images or 90 minutes of video. The camera runs on a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that is good for about an hour and a half of video recording or an hour and five minutes with the LED flashlight on.

There is no price listed on Liquid Image's website, but the price on some of their diving masks ranges from $109 to $309. While it's an interesting idea, I don't think I would use it enough to justify spending that much money.

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