Utah Open Water - 2009 In Review

I started this website in March 2009 out of my love for open water swimming, triathlon and the beautiful State of Utah. My hope was to create a resource for open water swimmers and triathletes in Utah and to get people excited about the sport.

Since Utah Open Water was started in March 2009 through the end of the year, there were nearly 2,000 unique visitors to the site from 54 different countries.

We saw some exciting developments like John Quackenbush's Bear Lake crossing and the announcement of Ironman St. George.

Of the 51 posts in 2009, these were five most popular:

How to Use GPS to Measure Distance, Speed and "Straightness" of Open Water Swims

Wetsuit Rentals at Wasatch Running Center

Swimming in Cold Water

Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim

2009 Utah Open Water Calendar

I am always looking for ways to improve the content and features of the site and provide information that is useful and interesting to open water swimmers and triathletes in Utah. If you have a suggestion for how the site could be better, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at joshuakgreen@gmail.com. I am not a coach and am by no means an expert swimmer, but if you have a question about swimming I would be happy to research it and post my findings. Lastly, if you would like to contribute an article or have an open water event that we should know about, please send me an email.

Here's to a happy and productive 2010.

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