Long Distance Swimming Workouts

I have been having a hard time finding pool workouts that are long enough to prepare me for the long distance open water swims that I am planning this summer. Surfing around on Active.com I found a pretty good selection of workouts for distance swimmers. Here are a few of them:

Distance Set From Open Water Champ Kalyn Keller

8,000 Meters With South African star Ryk Neethling

Try The Grand Prix With Olympian Cristina Teuscher

I have been doing the second of the three workouts for the past month or so on my long swim days with shorter variations during the week. It is challenging, but splits up the yardage enough that it doesn't get boring.

What are your favorite high yardage workouts?


Product Review: Tri Swim Chlorine-Out Body Wash, Shampoo and Lotion

One of the reasons that I love open water swimming is that I don't have to deal with the smell, itching and dry skin caused by chlorinated water.

Battling the effects of chlorine is an age old problem for swimmers. Apart from the strong chlorine smell that stays will you all day after your morning workout, there is also the itching and dry skin. There are now several products on the market that can be used to combat chlorine (unfortunately they didn't exist when I was swimming in high school). I have read several, mostly raving, reviews about one brand in particular: Tri Swim. Tri Swim is a line of products including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion that are designed to take away the chlorine smell and help with itchy and dry skin.

I finally decided to try it myself and drove down to Poco Loco on Highland Drive to pick up a few bottles. I went with the body wash, shampoo and lotion. The next morning, after my workout, I was excited to get home and put them to the test. All of the products have a light, citrus-like smell. Several hours later in the day, I was still free of the chlorine smell and noticed a significant decrease in itchy skin. I kept making my wife smell my arm throughout the day to show her how well it was working. I have been using Tri Swim after every pool workout, and continue to be impressed with how well it works for me.

For more information about Tri Swim products including TriSlide and Foggle, please visit their website.


Correcting Common Swimming Faults

Here is a pretty good video from Dave Scott, 6 time Ironman World Champion, about common faults in swimming technique and how to fix them.

According to Dave the most common swimming faults are: high head, over reaching, over extension and dropped elbow. In the video he offers ideas on how to fix all of these problems.