Desert Sharks Group Open Water Swim Adventure - Blue Lake

The Desert Sharks, a local triathlon club, will be hosting a group open water swim adventure on April 10nd at 7:00am.  The swim will take place at Blue Lake, a warm mineral spring located south of Wendover.  The club will be running on the dirt roads after the swim before heading to the Peppermill casino for the Grand Buffet.  Non-club members are invited to attend, but will be asked to sign a waiver.

The Desert Sharks will be hosting other open water adventures, including an open water clinic and wetsuit demo at East Canyon Reservoir in June.

For more information, please visit the Desert Sharks website.


2010 Utah Open Water Swim Group

One of the reasons for starting this website was to connect swimmers and schedule regular open water swims for fun and training.  Swimming with others is safer, more fun and you can learn from the more experienced swimmers in the group.

Last year I tried to organize an open water swim group with moderate success.  This year I am hoping to let everyone know about the group early so that they are thinking about it when the weather warms up.  We invite all levels of swimmers and triathletes from novice to professional to join us for our swims.

Last year we had a small group that met every Wednesday morning at Bountiful Lake.  This year we will most likely do something similar as it is a convenient (and free) place to swim.  We also tried to get together on Saturdays and evenings for longer swims once or twice a month at Deer Creek, Jordanelle or East Canyon.

This year I am hoping to do a better job of being organized and using tools like an email list, Facebook updates and Google calendar to keep people up to date on when and where we will be swimming.  You can always check back here and click on the "Group Swims" or "Calendar" button at the top of the page to see what is going on with the group.

It is an informal group and is not lead by a coach.  There is no cost to join, only a day use fee of $10 per car payable to Utah State Parks when we swim at one of the reservoirs.

If you or someone you know are interested in joining the group, leave a comment below or send me an email at joshuakgreen@gmail.com.  I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on places and times to swim as well as how to get more people involved.


Where To Rent a Wetsuit In Utah

Looking to rent a wetsuit for your next triathlon?  There are several shops in Utah that offer wetsuit rentals at reasonable prices.

Wetsuit: TYR Cat3
Rental Period: Wednesday through Monday
Cost: $40

Wetsuit: Zoot Fusion
Rental Period: Thursday through Monday
Cost: $35

Wetsuit: TYR Hurricane
Rental Period: Thursday through Monday
Cost: $45

Wetsuit: BlueSeventy Reaction
Rental Period: Weekend
Cost: $35
If you are looking to buy a wetsuit, they will let you try it out in an endless pool to make sure it fits.

Wetsuit: Zoot Fuzion
Rental Period: Thursday through Monday
Cost: $35


How to Choose the Right Pair of Goggles for Open Water and Triathlon Swimming

Goggles are probably the most important piece of swimming equipment that you will ever buy.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of goggle options out there, so how do you know how to pick the right pair?


Everyone’s face is shaped a little different and different goggles will fit some faces better than others.  You will need to try on several pairs of goggles to find a pair that fit the shape of your face.

The best advice on picking a pair of goggles is to press them to your face (without putting on the strap).  Goggles that fit well will suction to your eye sockets momentarily before falling off.  If the goggles immediately fall from your face, you know you have a pair that does not fit well and are likely to leak.

Many goggles will come with interchangeable or adjustable nose pieces that you can use to fine tune the fit of the goggles.


Going along with getting the right fit, your goggles should be comfortable.  Some goggles have no padding whatsoever while others have varying levels of rubber, silicone or foam padding.  Again, trying on several pairs will allow you to find the goggles that are most comfortable for you.


There are many different styles of goggles to choose from.  Everything from minimalist pool racing goggles to goggle/mask hybrids.  Each type of goggle has its own pro’s and con’s.  Think about what types of events you will be doing and how much time you will be spending in the pool as opposed to the open water.
  • Racing Goggles - These goggles are typically “low profile”, meaning that they do not stick out very far from your face.  The reason for this is that they are designed primarily for pool swimming and racing where aerodynamics are more important.  Higher profile goggles are more likely to come off when diving into the pool and pushing off the wall on turns.  Because they have a low profile, they tend to reduce your vision to only be able to see what is directly in front of you.  These goggles generally have little to no padding and may be uncomfortable for long distance swimming.  Speedo, TYR, Nike all have lines of racing specific goggles.
  • Triathlon / Open Water Goggles - These goggles are designed specifically for open water and triathlon swimming.  They typically have a higher profile than racing goggles, but lower than hybrids.  Because they have a higher profile, they can allow you to see more of what is going on around you, which is more important in open water swimming.  BlueSeventy and Aqua Sphere have lines of open water and triathlon goggles.
  • Goggle / Mask Hybrids - These hybrid goggles are relatively new on the market.  They are a cross between goggles and a mask that you would wear snorkeling.  They typically have a higher profile that triathlon / open water goggles and allow for even greater visibility.  My experience with hybrids has been that it is hard to find a pair that fits me right.  Be sure to try on several pairs to make sure that they fit well and will not leak. Aqua Sphere has a line of hybrids.

Two Straps are Better Than One

Losing your goggles on race day is a fear shared by many triathletes and open water swimmers.  Choosing a pair of goggles with two straps can help you to keep them on.  Positioning one strap higher on your head and the other strap lower can increase your chances of keeping you goggles on.  Experiment with where to place the straps so that you get a fit that is comfortable for you.  If you are really worried about losing your goggles, try putting them on underneath your cap.

Colored Lenses

In a previous post I talked about choosing different colored goggle lenses depending on the weather conditions.  Here is a summary of that post:
  • Black/Gray/Smoke - These darker lenses are good for bright, sunny weather. Dark lenses dim the bright sunlight so that you are not blinded when you take a breath or sight.  They can also reduce the glare on the water’s surface.
  • Blue - Blue lenses can be helpful in foggy weather.
  • Clear - Clear lenses are best for swimming in the evening or early morning when it is dark
  • Yellow - Yellow lenses work best in foggy, hazy conditions. They increase clarity even in dense fog.
  • Red - Red lenses increase contrast and brighten cloudy, dreary days.


Many goggles will be pre-treated with an anti-fog solution that will help to keep your goggles from fogging up.  This treatment will eventually wear off, but there are several anti-fog treatments out there (some that you can even get a free sample of).  I have used different anti-fog products with varying degrees of success.  Although it sounds kind of gross, licking you goggles works wonders for keeping them fog free (and it’s free).


Goggles typically range from about $5 to $30 but can get up to as high as $100 if you need prescription or carbon fiber goggles.  It’s worth paying a little extra for goggles that fit well and are comfortable.

With so many options, choosing a pair of goggle can be a little overwhelming.  The most important thing in choosing a pair of goggles is that you get the right fit and that they are comfortable.  Having a pair of goggle that don't leak is much more important that the style or color of the lenses.

Do you have a pair of goggles that you can't live without?  Leave us a comment and tell us about them.


Big River Man at the Park City Film Series

Big River Man (2009) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2.4 Import - Australia ]

The documentary film "Big River Man" about Martin Strel's amazing 3,274 mile swim down the Amazon River will be showing at the Park City Film Series from March 19 to March 21.  General admission tickets are $7.

If you have not yet read the book The Man Who Swam the Amazon: 3,274 Miles on the World's Deadliest River, it is definitely worth the read.


Free Sample of Tri Swim and FOGGLE

I reviewed TriSwim's shampoo, body wash and lotion in a previous post, and I have to say that I am a big fan. If you have been sitting on the fence about whether or not to try it, this may put you over the edge: TriSwim will send you a free sample. All you have to do is send your mailing address to processing@tri-swim.com. You can also request a sample of FOGGLE (a goggle treatment that prevents fogging).


2010 Calendar of Open Water Events in Utah

Below is the 2010 Calendar of Open Water Events in Utah. If you know of an event that is missing from this list or see a mistake in the information, please send me an email.

Date Race City Venue Distance Website
Saturday May 1 St. George Ironman St. George Sand Hollow Reservoir 2.4 miles www.ironmanstgeorge.com
Saturday May 15 SGTri St. George Sand Hollow Reservoir 750 / 1500 www.bbsctri.com
Saturday May 29 Daybreak Triathlon Daybreak Oquirrh Lake 750 / 1500 www.ustrisports.com
Saturday June 5 Willard Bay Triathlon Willard Willard Bay 750 / 1500 www.willardbaytriathlon.com 
Saturday June 5 Salem Spring Tri Salem Salem Lake 800 yards www.racetri.com
Saturday June 12 TriUtah Cache Valley Tri Hyrum Hyrum Reservoir 750 / 1500 http://www.triutah.com/
Saturday June 19 Provo Tri Provo Utah Lake 800 yards / 1 mile www.provotri.com 
Saturday June 26 Rock Cliff Tri Park City Jordanelle Reservoir 750 / 1500 www.ustrisports.com
Saturday July 10 TriUtah Echo Triathlon Coalville Echo Reservoir 750 / 1500 www.triutah.com 
Saturday July 10 San Rafael Classic Huntington Huntington State Park 750 / 1500 http://www.sanrafaelclassic.com/ 
Saturday July 17 Scofield Triathlon Scofield Scofield Reservoir 750 / 1500 / 1.75 miles www.bbsctri.com
Saturday July 24 Stansburry Triathlon Stansburry Park Stansburry Lake 750 / 1500 www.ustrisports.com 
Saturday August 7 Battle at Midway Midway Deer Creek Reservoir 750 / 1500 www.bamtriathlon.com
Saturday August 14 Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim Charleston Deer Creek Reservoir 1 mile, 5K, 10K, 10 miles www.deercreekopenwater.com 
Saturday August 14 Park City Triathlon Park City Jordanelle Reservoir
Saturday August 14 Herriman Triathlon Herriman Black Ridge Reservoir 500 www.racetri.com 
Saturday August 21 TriUtah Jordanelle Triathlon Heber City Jordanelle Reservoir 750 / 1500 www.triutah.com 
Saturday August 28 Bear Lake Brawl Garden City Bear Lake 750 / 1500 www.goldmedalracing.com
Saturday August 28 Utah Half Provo Utah Lake 1.2 miles www.racetri.com
Saturday September 4 Kau Wela Open Swim St. George Sand Hollow Reservoir 400 / ½ mile / 1 mile  www.sgcityrec.org 
Saturday September 11 Camp Yuba Triathlon LeVan Yuba Lake 750 / 1500 www.racetri.com
Saturday September 18 Kokopelli St. George Sand Hollow Reservoir 750 / 1500 www.bbsctri.com
Saturday September 25 XTERRA Utah Off-Road Triathlon Ogden Pineview Reservoir 750 http://www.xterraplanet.com/utah 
Saturday October 3 Powel3 Triathlon Big Water Lake Powell 750 / 1500 www.powell3.com

Colored Goggle Lenses and the Weather

If you are like me, you may have wondered why there were so many different colors of goggle lenses. Is it just for looks? Personal preference? Actually, apart from looks and personal preference, different colored lenses can also help with visibility in different weather conditions. Here is a quick list of which colored lenses are good for different weather conditions:

These darker lenses are good for bright, sunny weather. Dark lenses dim the bright sunlight and reduce the glare on the surface of the water so that you are not blinded when you take a breath or sight.


Blue lenses can be helpful in foggy or cloudy weather.


Clear lenses are best for swimming in the evening or early morning when it is dark


Yellow lenses enhance light in low light conditions and are best for foggy, hazy weather. They increase clarity even in dense fog.


Red lenses increase contrast and brighten cloudy, dreary days.

Mirrored lenses can reduce bright light and block UV light.  They are ideal for sunny weather when there is lots of glare.


Seriously? Carbon Fiber Swim Goggles?

It's seems like you can get anything in carbon fiber these days, and now you can add swimming goggles to the list. Blue Seventy's new carbon fiber goggle, the CarbonRZR, is due out March 2010 at a projected price of $100. I have to admit that they are pretty cool looking, but is there really a need for carbon fiber goggles? In all the goggles I have purchased over the years, I have never once considered how much they weighed. Are some goggles just too heavy to swim with that they decrease your performance?

I think the most I have ever spent on a pair of new goggles was around $30. For the price of a pair of CarbonRZR's, I could buy about five pairs of my favorite goggles.

What do you think?