Colored Goggle Lenses and the Weather

If you are like me, you may have wondered why there were so many different colors of goggle lenses. Is it just for looks? Personal preference? Actually, apart from looks and personal preference, different colored lenses can also help with visibility in different weather conditions. Here is a quick list of which colored lenses are good for different weather conditions:

These darker lenses are good for bright, sunny weather. Dark lenses dim the bright sunlight and reduce the glare on the surface of the water so that you are not blinded when you take a breath or sight.


Blue lenses can be helpful in foggy or cloudy weather.


Clear lenses are best for swimming in the evening or early morning when it is dark


Yellow lenses enhance light in low light conditions and are best for foggy, hazy weather. They increase clarity even in dense fog.


Red lenses increase contrast and brighten cloudy, dreary days.

Mirrored lenses can reduce bright light and block UV light.  They are ideal for sunny weather when there is lots of glare.

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