Seriously? Carbon Fiber Swim Goggles?

It's seems like you can get anything in carbon fiber these days, and now you can add swimming goggles to the list. Blue Seventy's new carbon fiber goggle, the CarbonRZR, is due out March 2010 at a projected price of $100. I have to admit that they are pretty cool looking, but is there really a need for carbon fiber goggles? In all the goggles I have purchased over the years, I have never once considered how much they weighed. Are some goggles just too heavy to swim with that they decrease your performance?

I think the most I have ever spent on a pair of new goggles was around $30. For the price of a pair of CarbonRZR's, I could buy about five pairs of my favorite goggles.

What do you think?


Gords said...

For that price, they better not fog up.

Josh said...

The lenses are anti-scratch polycarbonate with fog treatment...are you going to get some? :)