Bountiful Lake Swim - Wednesday April 28

The water temperature at Bountiful Lake is warming up which means it is time to start swimming again.

Gords and his family spent a few hours at the lake earlier this week doing some much needed clean-up and and took the water temperature while they were there: 63 degrees.  We decided that at 63 degrees we couldn't use cold water as an excuse.  Unless the weather is bad, we will be taking our first swim on Wednesday April 28 at 7:30am.  Anyone who cares to join us is more than welcome.

The water level appears to be about the same as last year, which would make it about 1 mile around the perimeter of the lake.  We are planning on doing two laps.

We will meet in the parking lot near the boat ramp at 7:30am.  I can't wait to see the look on the fishermen's faces when we get in the water.

**UPDATE**  Because of the weather, we are postponing this swim until Wednesday May 5***


Open Water Clinic - July 17, 2010

We are excited to announce that Utah Open Water and the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim will be putting on a free open water clinic this summer.  The clinic will be open to all levels of swimmers and triathletes, but will be more geared towards novice swimmers and triathletes.  There will be dry land instruction combined with practice and drills in the water.  Following the clinic, swimmers are welcome to stick around for a training swim.

The tentative date is set for Saturday July 17th at 8:00am and will be held at Walsburg Bay at Deer Creek reservoir.  The clinic will be free, however participants will be required to pay the $10 per car day use fee for the State Park.  If you bring a few friends you can split the $10 entry fee, making it super affordable.

For those who have been thinking about registering for the Deer Creek Swim, it will be a great opportunity to check out the course, ask questions and meet the race director.  It will also be a great opportunity for triathletes who are looking to improve their open water skills.
We have an outline of things that we think are important to talk about and practice but, since we have never done this before, we would love to hear your suggestions on things you would like us to cover.

Check back for more details as we get closer to summer...


Product Review: blueseventy Vision Goggles

I have been wearing minimalist racing goggles for years and I love them.  I have worn them in the pool, in triathlons and in ocean swims.  Recently, I decided to step outside of my goggle comfort zone and bought a pair of blueseventy's Vision open water goggles.

The Vision goggles are bigger than the racing goggles that I am used to.  The advantage of being bigger is that they greatly increase the range of vision.  When I tried the goggles in the pool, I was surprised at how much more of the lanes around me I could see.  According to blueseventy, the curved, wide angle lenses allow for a 180 degree range of vision.

These are the only goggle that I know of that come in different sizes.  The frames can be ordered in small or large to accommodate different face sizes.

Vision goggles come in many frame and lens colors.  I chose the black frame with mirrored gold lenses.  I chose this color scheme partly because I think they look really cool, but also because I wanted mirrored lenses for swimming in sunny conditions.  The frames are flexible and come in orange, white, black and pink.  Since different colored lenses are good for different weather conditions, the Vision lenses are available in many colors including yellow, smoke, blue mirror, silver mirror, gold mirror and pink.  All lenses offer anti-fog and UV protection.

The Vision goggles are the official goggles of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, and after taking them for a test run in the pool I can see why.  They are comfortable, allow for a wide range of vision, come in lens colors for every weather condition and they look cool.  I am looking forward to the weather warming up so that I can try them in the open water that they were designed for.

Blueseventy lists the goggles at $25, but I found them on Amazon.com for under $20 (not including shipping).  Considering I have spent the same or more on my minimalist racing goggles, I think the price is reasonable.

Has anyone else tried these goggles?  If so, what did you think about them?


Swim Las Vegas - April Newsletter

Check out my contribution to the April edition of the Swim Las Vegas newsletter.  If you read the blog you may have already read the articles How to Choose the Right Pair of Goggles for Open Water and Triathlon Swimming and Colored Goggles Lenses and the Weather, but Kara Robertson has done a great job formatting and editing them so that they look great.

The folks at Swim Las Vegas have a great program going and their monthly newsletter is well worth subscribing to.  Click here to get on the mailing list.