All Day Open Water Swim Intensive Clinic - June 5, 2010

I happened to come across this event on accident while reading a swimming article on Active.com.  It appears to be an all day open water swim clinic.  Although the Active.com registration page doesn't say exactly where this clinic will take place, it does say it is in Eden, UT so I assume it is at Pineview reservoir.  The cost to register is $75.  

You will learn open water techniques; deep water starts, beach starts, shallow starts, drafting, wetsuit tips, nutrition tips, mental toughness, buoy turns, swim techniques and do mock races. We will have an early morning, mid-afternoon, and evening swim. Brunch will be provided during the nutrition seminar. In the afternoon we will also have a seminar on overcoming our fears. Games and prizes will follow the last swim of the day.

Be prepared with your wetsuit, changes of clothes, swim suits, towels, goggles, swim caps, hygiene supplies, anything you will need for all day swimming and training. Coaches and Guests: Lizz Bennett C.P.T. O.zone endurance expert, coach, multisport athlete, Ironman finisher. Barbara Sherwood R.D. and multisport athlete. Wes Johnson USAT level 1 coach and multisport athlete. Jannalynn Luttrell USAT level 1 coach and multisport athlete, Ironman finisher. Louis Naegle L.C.S.W.

Sounds like a good time.  Click here for more details.


Anonymous said...

I am signed up and I am still looking for what time to be there and the exact location?? There is no info after registered!

Josh said...

Hmmm...my guess would be that it is on the northeastern side of the reservoir in the little inlet/bay. There is a dirt parking lot nearby. This is only a guess, since I have nothing to do with this clinic.

If you go to the Active.com page for the event and look near the "Register Now" button, there is a link that says "Contact", I would suggest trying to send them a message tonight.