Recap of June 16 Group Swim @ Bountiful Lake

Just Gordon and I made it to the swim at Bountiful Lake this morning.  Neither one of us were wearing wetsuits and as we were wading into the water we both noticed that it felt much colder than it did last week.  I purposefully left my thermometer in the car so I wouldn't psych myself out if the water temp was low. 

We swam one full lap and then one smaller loop around the first island before getting out.  There was more debris in the water this morning and I suspect it might have been due to the recent windy and rainy weather.  When we were getting out there were a couple young kids fishing near the boat ramp.  I have to admit that one of the things that I love about open water swimming is seeing people's faces when I finish a swim.  One of the kids asked "Is it cold?"  Yeah it was cold.  Gordon's thermometer said 60 degrees at the surface but mine about a foot under water and read 56 degrees.

I was a little chilled after last week's swim so I came prepared this morning with a jacket and a thermos of hot chocolate.  I felt fine when I got out of the water, but put on my jacket, drank the whole thermos of hot chocolate and cranked up the heater in my car just to be safe.

I had a lot of fun and a it was a real confidence booster to know that we were swimming, semi-comfortably, without wetsuits in water that cold.  I'm already looking forward to next week's swim at the Great Salt Lake.

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Christine said...

Yes, It feels confidence after swimming open, in cold water. But I never swam without swim suits.