Recap of June 9 Group Swim @ Bountiful Lake

Last night's group swim at Bountiful Lake was a lot of fun.  The water was much warmer than it was a couple weeks ago and we all swam without wetsuits.  After the swim, my thermometer measured 64 degrees near the boat ramp.

Although the water was generally warmer than it was two weeks ago, there were still a few cold spots where the temperature dropped by about 5 degrees.  I found myself swimming faster through those spots and then settling back into my rhythm when I got into a warmer spot.

When we got to the south side of the lake it started raining, adding to the fun and adventure of the swim.  The skies stayed sunny as the large rain drops hit our backs and heads as we swam.  By the time we got to the first fishing dock, the rain had stopped.

There were a LOT of people fishing, especially near the boat ramp.  I have never seen that many fishermen at Bountiful Lake.  There were even people hidden in the tall plants on the west side of the lake.  As Jim and I were wading towards the boat ramp to get out, someone yelled "There are two lines right in front of you!".  There were so many fishing lines in the water, it was a miracle that they didn't all get tangled together and that we didn't get caught up in one.  One line went right in front of the boat ramp and we actually had to go under it to get out.

A young boy who was there fishing asked me "Why are you guys swimming here?".  From the look on his face, it was clear that he was utterly confused as to why anyone would be in the water swimming.  I told him that we were swimming there because it was fun.  His reply was "Well, it could be dangerous."  He was right.  Open water swimming can be dangerous, but it can also be exciting. With constantly changing conditions, cold water, wildlife, etc. each swim presents new challenges and forces you to learn to adapt.  Having a group of people swimming together not only makes for a more enjoyable swim, but it also helps to keep us safe.

Gordon's wife and one of his son's were at the boat ramp with their kayak when Jim and I got out.  Gordon swam a couple more laps before the weather took a turn for the worse and they decided to get out.

As usual, I had a lot of fun and the swim helped take my mind off some of the stress that I have been facing this week at work.  I am already looking forward to getting back in the water next week.  Check back for updates on the next group swim.

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