Free Open Water Clinic - July 17 @ Deer Creek Reservoir

Just a reminder that we are presenting a free open water swimming clinic at Deer Creek reservoir on Saturday July 17 at 8:00am.  Entrance to the park is $10 per car, so it pays to carpool.  We will meet on the grassy picnic area just north of the Walsburg Bay parking lot.

For those who will be swimming at this year's Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim, race director Jim Hubbard will be on had to talk about the course, rules, etc.  It will be a great opportunity to swim all, or part, of the course and see what water temperatures and conditions will be like.  Since it is required for those participating in the Deer Creek Open Water swim to have a support boat, it would be a good time for your paddler to see the course and where the course markers will be.  If you have never swam with a support boat, it will be a good experience to practice with them to figure out where you want your boat positioned and how you will handle feedings.

The clinic will be geared more towards beginners, but all are welcome to attend.  Topics that will be presented include: differences between open water and pool swimming, equipment (goggles, wetsuits) and basic open water techniques like sighting.  We will have a brief Q&A followed by in-the-water practice.
Since this will be our first clinic, we need you to help us to know what to present.  Send me an email at joshuakgreen@gmail.com or leave a comment below with your questions, concerns and fears related to open water swimming so that we can try to help you resolve them at the clinic.

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