Recap of Open Water Clinic at Deer Creek

It was an absolutely perfect morning at Deer Creek reservoir for our first open water swimming clinic.  Both the sky and the water were warm and clear (the water temperature was 72 degrees near the shore at a depth of two feet).

After rounding up all of the people who got lost trying to find the location of the clinic, we got the clinic started a little after 8:00am.  There were 10 people in attendance, which turned out to be just the right sized group.

Jim Hubbard, race director for the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim, started things off by giving us information about this year's race.

From there we moved into the main portion of the clinic by talking about the differences between open water swimming and pool swimming, safety, equipment (goggles, wetsuits, etc), sighting and navigation, starts and nutrition.  The swimmers who came to the clinic were great and asked good questions and made good comments.

After the "dryland" presentation, we got changed and got into the water to practice sighting, drafting, turns and do a race start simulation.  We were able to use one of the new fluorescent orange buoys that Jim made for this year's race and it worked out really well.

 I had a great time leading the clinic and I hope that everyone who came was able to take some new information and experience home with them.  I think that we will definitely be holding another free clinic next year in the weeks leading up to Deer Creek.

If you were in attendance, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions on what we can do to make the clinic better for next year.


Heidelweiss said...

I think everything went well. Our paddlers are going to be allowed to pass our feeds/water by hand right? We'll only get penalized for resting on the boat? Thanks again for the clinic.

Josh said...

Yep. Your food/water can be handed to you by hand by your paddler, no need for them to toss it into the water or to use feeding sticks.

The only penalty for resting on your boat is that you will not get an official USMS time.

Thanks again for coming to the clinic! We're glad that you had fun.

Binza said...

hi Josh - the tri club i'm with holds weekly swim cinics and we're doing a charity swim coming soon. Is there insurance required for these clinics/casual swims and if so, could you point me in the right direction? thanks much.

Josh said...


We have never carried insurance for our swims or the clinic we just did. Safety has always been important to us but everything has been kind of "swim at your own risk". We thought about having people at least sign a waiver for the clinic but ended up not doing that either.

I'm kind of in the same boat as you are and don't really know where to look for information on putting these kinds of things together. I don't know if there is a forum or group online somewhere that discusses these kinds of things.