Review of Homemade Ear Drops

A while ago I ran into a guy who told me about the homemade ear drops that he uses after open water swimming to flush the water from his ear canals and kill possible bacteria in the water.  I decided to make my own bottle of the drops and try them out for myself.

Making the ear drops is foolproof: simply mix even parts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar.  I put mine is a small squeeze bottle that I keep in my bag with my goggles, caps and other swimming equipment.  Since making the ear drops, I have been using them after every open water swim that I do and I can tell you that they actually work.  It only takes a couple drops and the rubbing alcohol almost instantly flushes the water out of my ear canals.  If you can get past the potent smell of the combination of vinegar and rubbing alcohol, I would recommend making yourself a bottle and trying them out.

Here is a link to my previous post which has links to other articles and recipes for making the drops.

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I will try it out.