US Trisports Adds Awards for Fastest Swim!

US Trisports, a local triathlon race management company that puts on amazing open water triathlons, has started what will hopefully be a new trend with other race management companies in the state.  Beginning with their Stansbury Tri, they awarded certificates for the fastest swim splits.  Certificates went out to the fastest overall swimmers as well as fastest age group swimmers.  For guys like me who are not runners and are only average cyclists, this gives us a better chance of winning an award.  Plus it's nice to recognize fast swimmers since the swim is often neglected and something that a lot of triathletes just try to "survive".  My cap is off to US Trisports.

I have talked about this before, but I would like to see race management companies take this one step further and offer a "swim only" division.  Those athletes participating in the "swim only" division could either start in their own wave or start with an existing wave.  All of the support would already be in place for swimmers and with the electronic timing, it would be a piece of cake to capture just the swim split.  Race management companies could charge a smaller fee for the "swim only" division that would just be icing on the cake of their regular registration fees.  For open water swimmers like myself, this would give us many more options for open water racing.  Triathletes looking to get more open water experience may also be interested in a "swim only" division as part of their training and as a way to just focus on the swim.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a good idea?

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Unknown said...

That would be a great idea. I went to the race on Saturday and my sister got the fastest swim in her age division. On the swim only race they would need to get a big enough group of swimmers to make it worth it.