James Jonsson's Bear Lake Swim Included in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

James Jonnson's record breaking Bear Lake crossing has been officially recorded by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.  This is big news for the 19+ mile Bear Lake swim as it will likely attract marathon swimmers to come to Utah to make the attempt.  With the swim officially recognized by the marathon swimming world, I think now is the perfect time to organize the Bear Lake Swimming Federation.


Gords said...

That's fantastic! I'm thrilled for James and doubt the record will be beat for a very long time. It's tough enough swimming that distance let alone as quick as that.

Way to go!

Binza said...

Very very cool. Great job guys promoting the lake and attracting future swimmers to it. The Federation idea is great and while I'm in NY (at Bear Lake every 2 years though!) i'd be happy to help in any way possible.

Josh said...

Chris - We would love to have your help. There are a few other people who are interested in helping put it together as well.

Next time you are out here we should get together and swim at Bear Lake.