Post Your Review of the 2010 Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim

This year's Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim was amazing!  I have participated in the event for the past three years and this year was by far the best.  I am still working on writing up my race review, but I am interesting in hearing what your experience was.  Feel free to post your review as well as your suggestions, ideas, complaints, etc. about this year's race.

You can also post your review on Active.com.


Gords said...

Here is my review. In summary, my fav things this year:

1) The weather
2) The new bright orange buoys
3) The shirts
4) The staggered start times

Heidelweiss said...


1) Very well organized
2) Friendly and helpful organizers
3) Nice shirts


1) Near death by hypothermia. Do you think they could do something about the water temperature next year? ;)