Kau Wela Open Swim - Canceled

My wife Sabrina and I both registered for the Kau Wela Open Swim this weekend and were really looking forward to a quick trip to St. George.  Unfortunately, I got an email yesterday afternoon telling me that the swim had been canceled due to a lack or participants.  If you were registered, like we were, St. George City will be sending refund checks in the mail.

The competition will be rescheduled to June 4th, 2011 and will include a beginner open triathlon division.  Hopefully by holding it earlier in the year there are enough participants to hold the event.

This leaves just one more swimming competition for me this year: Slam the Dam.  I am really excited for the race and to swim at Lake Mead for the first time.  Registration closes on September 26 so if you were thinking about participating you only have a few days left to sign up.


Gords said...

Bummer! Perhaps if they had longer event options people would enter. There's no way I'd go all the way to St. George for anything less than a 10K.

Josh said...

Yeah, it was going to be more of a short vacation with a little swimming for us.

They are going to have it in June next year which makes a little more sense because Sand Hollow will be warmer than anywhere else in Utah at that time. I would guess they will get a lot of triathletes too who are looking for a training swim before the tri season gets into full swing.

We might still go out of town this weekend since I already got time off from work, but if not I will be at Bountiful Lake to help with the clean up.