Swim Clinic With Coach Wade Roberts

A couple years ago I attended two swimming clinics in Ogden with Wade Roberts, Ph.D.  The material that he presented completely changed the way I think about my stroke and swimming efficiently and turned what I had been taught about freestyle in high school on its head.  By following his advice I have made improvements to my stroke and, although I'm not as fast as I was in high school, I am swimming much more efficiently and am much less prone to shoulder injuries and pain.

I have recently been in contact with Wade and he has agreed to hold a two hour clinic to be held at South Davis Rec Center on Saturday November 13 from 2 to 4 pm.  He has also discounted his regular rate of $100 for two hours to just $65.  The clinic will include one hour of dryland instruction followed by practice in the water.  Questions and note-taking are encouraged.

Topics to be covered include:

Horizontal body position
Stroke timing
Productive vs. non-productive stroke portions
Injury prevention
Wade is an experienced swimmer and coach and has a long list of credentials to back him up including:

Former University of Utah swimmer
Master's National Team Member
4 Time Master's National medal winner
Senior Nationals medal winner
USA swim coach
High School swim coach
University of Utah Swim Team Technical Advisor
Private lesson instructor (13 years)
Professional coach (9 years)
Researcher and contributor to Dr. Maglischo's latest book (Swimming Fastest)
Ph.D. in economics (including efficiency modeling that applies to swim strokes)
Completed Southeast Asian island hopping swim (Cambodia)
Still swimming.....
The "off-season" is a great time to focus on improving your stroke and technique for next year's open water and triathlon season.  As mentioned previously, I have personally benefited from Wade's clinics and I am excited to share this great resource with fellow swimmers and triathletes.  If you are interested in attending the clinic or would like more details, please leave a comment below or send me an email at joshuakgreen@gmail.com.  Wade also teaches private lessons and can be reached at kosal96@yahoo.com.  I hope to see you there!

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