James Jonsson to Attempt Lake Tahoe Record to Promote Organ Donation

If you have been reading The Daily News of Open Water Swimming, you probably saw a post about Utah's James Jonsson.

James, who broke the lengthwise record for Bear Lake this year, is already thinking ahead and training for his next record breaking attempt.  Sticking with the theme of high-altitude, cold water lakes, James will be attempting to break the long held Lake Tahoe record.  The record has been held since 1987 by Dave Canyon with a time of 9:20.

By going for the Lake Tahoe record, James is hoping to bring attention to organ donation and is working with Intermountain Donor Services to raise awareness.  James has personal experience with both sides of organ donation.  His father, who was also a marathon swimmer, received a kidney transplant which allowed his to keep swimming for several years.  James' 8 year old son tragically passed away due to medical conditions from a birth abnormality and his organs helped seven people.

From James:

"Less than 50% of all licensed drivers in the US are organ donors, but in Utah it's over 70%.  My hope is more people become comfortable with becoming an organ donor."

"As you can see, organ donation touches the lives of many people and can bring many blessings.  Please support this noble cause."

If you are not already an organ donor, please consider becoming one the next time you renew your driver's license.  You can also visit Yes Utah and register online.  In the arrogance of my youth, I chose not to be an organ donor when I got my first driver's license.  I had a swift change of heart several years ago when it looked like my brother was going to need a kidney transplant.

We wish James the best of luck, both with his training and swim as well as in raising awareness for an important cause.

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