Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim - Registration Open!

I just wanted to let everyone know that registration for the inaugural Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim is open!  We have been working hard to make this a great event and hope that you will join us.

Here are some details about the swim:

The race will feature a 1 mile point-to-point swim from the Great Salt Lake Marina to Black Rock Beach as well as an 8.12 mile point-to-point swim from the southern tip of Antelope Island to Black Rock Beach.

Registration fees are $45 for the 1 mile swim and $65 for the 8.12 mile swim.  Registration includes a t-shirt and participation award.  You must be a USMS member to participate.  If you are not a member of USMS, one day memberships are available at an additional cost or you can become an annual member for only $45 and receive the benefits of membership throughout the year.

Swimmers participating in the 8.12 mile swim will be required to provide their own support boat and paddler.  The 1 mile swimmers will not be required to provide a support boat.

The 8.12 mile swim is a re-creation of historic marathon swims that took place in the 1930's and 1940's.  The course is also recognized by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and participants could have a shot at breaking an international record.

Not feeling up to the challenge (or don't dare swim with the brine shrimp)?  That's OK, we need volunteers!  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, leave a comment below or email me at joshuakgreen@gmail.com.  All volunteers will get a t-shirt for their efforts.

We have some great sponsors on board and are looking to add more.  Who would you like to see sponsor the swim?  If you, or someone you know, would like to get in on the ground floor of this unique event, send me an email at joshuakgreen@gmail.com.


evan said...

This sounds awesome! I'm a regular pool swimmer, new to UT, and have an interest in open water/marathon swimming. I used to paddle canoes a lot, but don't have a boat. I want to first offer myself as support for an 8 mile swimmer, training too. If nobody needs me there, I'll do the 1 mile and gladly volunteer directly for the event.

Josh said...

Evan -
Thanks for your support! Do you have an email address? I will link you up with Gordon Gridley, who is handling the logistics of the 8 mile course. You can email him at webmaster@greatsaltlakeopenwater.com.

What will likely happen is that we will connect you with a swimmer who needs a paddler. They will rent a boat for you and possibly compensate you for your time as well.

We have had a lot of interest from swimmers in Colorado, most of whom will need local paddlers.

Thanks again!