45 Degrees and 200 Yards at Bountiful Lake

We had so much fun at Bountiful Lake last week that we decided to get the crew together and do it again.  This time Gords decided to up the ante and swim from the eastern fishing pier to the boat ramp, a distance of just over 200 yards.

As I sat in my office this afternoon and saw the dark clouds rolling in and the rain, snow and hail start to fall, I started doubting whether or not I ought to attempt the 200 yard distance.  The furthest I have swam in water that cold was last week and it was maybe 50 yards.  Hypothermia is pretty scary stuff and I did not want to risk it.  Once I got to the lake however, it looked a lot shorter than I had imagined and I immediately changed my mind and decided I would give it a try.

After Gordon's son Jake took his first dip, Gords dove in and starting swimming.  He looked really strong and I followed him along the shore as he swam taking some video and photos.  This guy is a beast!  Watching him finish and get out of the water, you would never know that water was as cold as it was.  You can read about his experience and watch some video of his swim on his blog.
Gordon enjoying a "post swim" towel.

I stripped down to my suit and, without much hesitation, dove it.  My body was immediately shocked by the coldness of the water.  I'm not a very strong kicker when it comes, to swimming by my legs started going like crazy when I hit the water.  I was able to keep my face in the water for most of the swim, but swam a little "head's up" freestyle as well.  About halfway through, I started doubting myself and though about getting out.  Looking at the shore to my right, I decided it would take just as long to swim to the shore as it would to finish.  By this time I was "getting used to" the cold.  I felt less cold and more "pins and needles" like stinging pain.  I went out really fast at the start and you will notice in the video that I was going noticeably slower at the end.

After I dried off and got dressed, my brother Jake dove in and swam just under 100 yards out and back from the fishing pier.  He told me later he was mad that he didn't keep going.  In water this cold, you don't want to be pushing yourself too far and it's better to be safe and listen to your body than to meet a goal you have set for yourself.

Jake getting ready for his swim.
After we were all warmed up, we went to SDRC for some fun with the kids.  My toes were still a little numb when we got there, but they thawed out quickly in the "warm" pool water.  I'm a little worried at how CRAZY my son Cole is in the water...I hope he doesn't turn out like me!

The plan is to swim again next Thursday afternoon.  Anyone who wants to join us, even just to jump in and out, is welcome.  We meet at Bountiful Lake at 4:30pm.

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rash guard said...

At least the temperature isn't as bad as the polar plunge.