58 Degrees!

This afternoon's swim at Bountiful Lake was a really nice improvement from the past few weeks.  We were lucky to get a nice Spring day with air temperatures in the low 60's.  Surprisingly the water temperature had risen all the way to between 58 and 59 degrees!  Gords was just out there on Tuesday and the water was 48 degrees.  Just goes to show how much a change in the weather can affect water temperatures.

I met Gords, Goody and a new guy Ryan at the boat ramp and we got ready to go.  My plan was to just swim 1/2 mile around the first island, but once I got in the water I decided to go a little further and ended up going around the second island too (about 1200 yards total).

There was one spot near on the north side of the first island where Gords and I both noticed a dip in water temperature.  There were a couple new experiences this time around.  I noticed that my muscles started getting tight, not cramping, but tight and it was a little harder to swim.  I also started to get "claw hand" a little bit and it was hard to straighten out my fingers.  Other than that, the rest of the swim was pretty uneventful.  Harrison was waiting at the edge of the boat ramp with my towel.  He is such a good boy!  Now I just need to train him to paddle and I will be all set!

Goody and Ryan started at the east pier.  After making it to the boat ramp, Goody starting swimming around looking for Gords and I.  He was waiting for me at the boat ramp when I came in and I could tell that he was happy that he was able to keep his face in the water today!  Nice job Goody!

Gords ended up going all the way around the shoreline (about 1.1 miles) and looked strong when he came in.

This was the longest I have been in the water this year and I think it was the "breakthrough swim" I was looking for.  I started shaking a minute or so after getting out of the water, but it passed fairly quickly after I dried off and drank some hot cider.  It's weird how the cold really hits you after you get out of the water.

My Grandma will probably never read this blog, but I am thankful for her support and for volunteering to watch my boys while I swam.  She is the one who taught me to swim and has supported me in every other swimming related thing I have done throughout my life.  She was so worried about Jake and I when we told her we were going to do the Polar Plunge at Deer Creek that she said she would rather jump in than have something happen to us.

I also had a good safety and planning meeting with Jim Hubbard and Gords.  I'm really excited to be involved with the Deer Creek and Great Salt Lake swims and am lucky to be working with two great guys with lots of good ideas.

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