Open Water Pool Swim

Image of the Open Water Pool Swim course from PowerTri.com
PowerTri.com has posted some information about an "Open Water Pool Swim" on their website that looks like a lot of fun!  It is a simulated open water swimming race with 400 meter and 800 meter distances.  From the graphic they posted (shown above), it looks like the lane lines will be taken out and there will be four buoys to mark the course.  Swimmers will swim four or eight laps depending on the race they enter.

The event will be held at the American Fork Fitness Center this Thursday March 24th at 8:00pm.  It only costs $10 to register.  You can check out the details on PowerTri.com or click here for the registration page (click on "Swimming" and then "Open Water Heat Event").

Thursday is going to be a fun afternoon/evening of swimming with our weekly cold water swim at Bountiful Lake followed by this "open water" swim.

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