First Full Lap of the Year

Tons of birds at Bountiful Lake this afternoon (this was only about half of them).
I wasn't able to meet Gords yesterday for our weekly swim at Bountiful Lake because things were so busy at work.  I haven't missed a week since we started swimming this year and I didn't want to miss this week, so I decided to swim today.  Luckily Gords and Jake decided to come too.

I was the first swimmer to arrive (for a change).  My Grandma was already there when I pulled up, reading a book in her car.  I got changed and dropped in my thermometer and was surprised that it came out at 58 degrees.  When Gords got there he put in his thermometer in a different part of the lake and got a reading of 55 degrees.  It surprises me how much the water temperature can vary and how quickly it can cool down or warm up.  He took his temperature near the boat ramp, where the water comes in from the canal, and I took mine a little further south in a shallow part of the lake and I think that is what cause the difference in readings.

My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and mom and dad all came down to watch us swim today.  Adding my Grandma, we had six spectators today!  Thanks guys for coming to support us!

Even at 55 the water felt cold and it took a few minutes before my face stopped stinging.  Really, that's the worst part of cold water swimming for me.  I can handle the cold on my body and even on my hands and feet, but my face is what really bothers me.

I followed Gords and Jake followed me.  We passed through some cold spots, but also some warmer spots.  Other than my muscles tightening up and my toes going numb, I felt pretty good.  Gords stopped a few times to let me catch up and made a joke about the buddy system as we passed a Scout Group.

I was able to finish pretty strong and, even though it wasn't a fast time at just under 33 minutes, I felt good about swimming my first full lap of the year.  I intentionally withheld Gords' temperature reading from Jake to try to encourage him to swim around the first island, and it worked!  Jake also had his longest open water swim of the year today.  Nice job Sir!

As I was getting out, I looked down at my body to see if my skin was red and was surprised to see that I was covered in "slime".  I don't know if Gords kicked something up as he was getting out and then I swam through it or what, but I was covered head to toe.  I had my sister Jodi take some photos before I washed it off.  After seeing me covered in slime, I don't think she will be getting in the water at Bountiful Lake anytime soon :)

I was shaking more violently than usual after getting out of the water today, but that was to be expected.  I don't understand why I can feel fairly comfortable while in the water, but start shaking like crazy after getting out.  After downing a glass of hot water and sitting in the car with the heater turned up all the way, I was able to recover after a few minutes.

Today was a great swim and was just what I needed after a stressful week of work.  Thanks Gords and Jake for swimming with me and thanks Jod, B, Owen, Gram, Mom and Dad for coming to watch!

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Jake Green said...

It's pretty sad when you have to tell me a different temp to get me to go longer. Guess I need to be tougher.