A Warm(ish) Swim at Bountiful Lake

I met my brother Jake at Bountiful Lake for a swim this evening.  It was a sunny, but chilly and breezy, day.  As I was driving down the frontage road, I saw Gordon's van and his Scout Troop's tents set up on the southwestern part of the lake.  He came over to see us before we started our swim.  I could tell he really wanted to be swimming, but had too much going on with the Scouts to get in.

I took the temperature by the boat ramp and it came out at about 57 to 58 degrees but after getting in, I had to question my thermometer's accuracy.  Jake and I took our time getting ready and playing with my boys.  It was chilly and breezy outside and I was getting a little cold even before getting wet.  I don't think either of us were in a hurry to get in the water.

Finally we decided we had put it off long enough and started wading in.  The water felt icy, and felt a lot colder than 57 or 58 degrees.  I was planning on going all the way around the outside of the lake, but there were two fishermen standing in the shallow part of the lake, blocking our usual path.  Jake wanted to try doing laps around the first island so I decided to do the same.

After I got going, the stinging of the cold water wore of and I started enjoying the swim.  After rounding the island, I decided to keep going so I did another lap.  At the end of the second lap I met Jake and we decided to keep going and swam to the southern pier, to the eastern pier and then back to the ramp.  All in all it was about a mile swim.  I was dreading getting out of the water because I knew I would start shaking and have to try to warm back up.

I love when Harrison comes to watch me swim, because he always stands at the end of the boat ramp and hands me my towel when I get out.  I brought along a couple emergency blankets for Jake and I to test out.  I'm sad to say that they didn't do much to warm me up, but they were good at blocking the wind.  As we were drying off and trying to warm up, a lady from across the way started cheering and clapping.  I wondered what was going on and when I turned around, I realized that she was cheering for us!  "I don't know you guys, but that was a HELL of a job!" she yelled.

Thanks to Jake for getting me to come out today.   I was about to skip this week's swim after a busy day, but I knew Jake would be there so I had to come too.  Luckily my parents and grandma were there to keep an eye on the boys while we swam.  Thanks guys!

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