Perfect Conditions at the Great Salt Lake

Today was a perfect day for a swim at the Great Salt Lake!  I met Gords, Goody and Brad (from Utah State Parks) at the marina at 4:30.  There was a slight breeze but the water was about as calm as I have ever seen it out there.  Gords and Goody both took the water temperature, which came in right around 60 degrees.  Jake texted me that he was on his way out, but I had a short window for swimming and we had to get going without him.

Brad was there from Utah State Parks to take some photos of us.  His department has been working to help us get some media exposure for the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  He was really helpful and was interested in all the details of the swim.

We decided to go about half a mile and started to wade into the water.  It felt cold at first, but my body got used to it pretty fast.  As usual, Gords was the first one to dive in and start swimming.  We headed west and then turned out of the marina into the open lake.  The water got a little more choppy outside of the marina, but it wasn't nearly as rough as last week.

We followed the line of buoys until we got to the last green one.  We had planned to head in to Silver Sands Beach at this point, but we were all feeling so good that we decided to swim back the way we came.

On the way back, I could feel my neck and armpits start chaffing.  Since we were only planning on doing half a mile I didn't bother putting on BodyGlide or TriSlide, and I wished that I had.

This is a little embarrassing, but I totally missed the turn back into the marina!  My goggles had been fogging up and I was in a really good rhythm.  I saw rocks, so I turned.  After a while I lifted my head to spot and was confused when I couldn't see the boat ramp.  My hand scrapped the bottom and I stopped to take a peek.  I was on the wrong side of the marina!  I missed the entrance!  I waded/walked/ran through the shallow water back towards the entrance to the marina and headed back in.

Jake, my sister, my parents, my nephew and Brad were all at the ramp when I got there and Jake was getting ready to get in the water.  I wished I could have stayed around to swim with Jake and talk to my family, but I had somewhere to be back in Salt Lake.

It was a great day for a swim!  Gords and Goody are planning on going back on Saturday.  I would like to be go with them, but will be in St. George volunteering at Ironman St. George.

Thanks to Brad, Deena and Utah State Parks for all their help!

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