Open Water Clinic with The Blonde Runner

Swimmers waiting for the start.

We had a great turnout at our open water clinic with the Blonde Runner tonight!  We had a total of about 18 people there, mostly triathletes.

We did some instruction about the differences between open water and pool swimming, common fears, safety, equipment, sighting, swimming straight, turns, starts and T1.

Check out the view!  Sure beats the rec center!
For those who were interested in the Swim Safety Device we were talking about, here is the link to buy your own: http://www.ishof.org/safety/ssd.htm

After the instruction was over, we suited up and headed to the boat dock.  It was a beautiful evening for swimming.  The water temp was in the mid 60's.  Gords and his son Jacob had put in a buoy earlier that was about 50 to 75 yards out from the dock.  We grouped together and practiced a few mass starts and turns.

Practicing turns.
At the end I heard a few comments to the effect of "this is awesome!"  I love doing clinics and turning people on to open water!

Thanks to Lora, Gords, Jake, Jacob and my dad Kelley for their help.  Thanks to everyone who came out to learn more about open water and swim!


Windy and Choppy GSL Swim

Windy and choppy at the GSL Marina this morning.

I drove out to the GSL Marina this morning to meet Gords for a swim.  I was surprised to see Goody waiting in the parking lot.  It's been a while since I have seen him and even longer since I have swam with him.  He always adds an element of fun and excitement when he is around.
We swam through the marina and chatted for a while about Goody's upcoming Alcatraz swim.  When we got outside the marina, we started our watches and headed towards Black Rock.

It was a little windy this morning and there was a fair amount of chop on the way to Black Rock.  I took in a few mouthfuls of water when breathing to the left, so I switched to breathing more on my right and was fine.  My goggles fogged up and I couldn't see Black Rock when I sighted.  As I got closer I realized that I was pretty far off course and had to swim back in towards the shore.  Gords and Goody were already there waiting and I think had been there for a while when I finally met them.

After rinsing out our mouths, we headed back towards the marina.  My shoulder was feeling pretty good so I decided to push it a little on the way back and finished about 2 minutes faster than on the way out.

Gords getting in another mile in the chop.
Goody had to meet a client and I had to get to work so we took off while Gords swam another mile in the chop.  I chatted with Goody for a while in the parking lot about trying to get more people involved in open water swimming and about his idea to go for a night swim at Pineview.  I was so excited by the idea that I picked up a bunch of glow sticks on my way to work!

Can't wait to use these!

On a side note, Goody teaches private swimming lessons and has worked with triathletes at Pineview Reservoir.  If you are in the Ogden area and are looking for some swimming help, send me an email and I can put you in touch with him.


What a Way To Start The Week!

Warm and glassy water at the GSL Marina this morning.
I met Gords at the GSL Marina this morning at 6:30.  It was a beautiful morning with glassy water.  We got ready and headed down to the boat ramp, where we were met by an unusually large number of bugs.  When I was there two weeks ago, there were no bugs at all.

We swam out of the marina and stopped near the green buoy just outside of the marina.  The plan was to head straight to Black Rock and back, which is about 2 miles round-trip.  The water was really warm.  I guessed it was 70 degrees and later checked GSL Marina website, which showed 72 degrees.  It's almost getting too warm to swim out there now!  As we were swimming, we passed through a couple cooler spots that felt very refreshing.

I had forgotten about a small cut on my finger until I got into the water...ouch!  The lake does a great job of reminding you of exactly where your wounds are.

Once we got to Black Rock, we stopped to rinse out our mouths and then headed back.  I stopped my watch at 26:11.  I was just a little bit slower on the way back at 26:36.  Gords was a full minute or more faster than me both directions.

I was worried that the pain in my clavicle and shoulder area was going to come back, so I was trying to take it easy and stay relaxed.  I didn't really notice anything while swimming, but when I got home I started feeling the familiar dull pain.

Early morning seems like a popular time for tour buses to show up.  When we got back into the marina, there was a crowd of tourists walking around, taking pictures and feeling the water.  I'm sure Gords and I ended up in a few vacation photos.

A swimmers best friend after a workout in the Great Salt Lake.
There is a hose near the boat ramp that I always assumed was for rinsing of equipment and stuff after sailing.  I only recently found out that the water is actually drinkable and have started rinsing off there after swims.

What a great way to start off the week!  We will be swimming again on Wednesday morning at 6:30am if anyone wants to join us.  We are planning on 2 to 3 miles.


Thursday Night Swim at Bountiful Lake - June 23

Jim and Erin heading in to the boat ramp at this evening's swim at Bountiful Lake.

It was hot today!  I was anxious to get out to Bountiful Lake for our swim so that I could cool down.  I was expecting a water temperature of about 55 degrees, but was surprised that the water temp was much higher in some spots (near 65).

We had a good group this evening with seven swimmers!  For most, it was their first time swimming at Bountiful Lake and I think the general consensus was that it was awesome!  I didn't really have a plan this evening (sorry guys!) so we decided to swim south to the first boat dock.  We stopped to chat for a minute and decided that we would go all the way around.  We stopped every once in a while to enjoy the beautiful evening and make sure we didn't lose anyone.  At about the halfway point, one swimmer decided to head back so Jake and I followed her in while everyone else went the rest of the way around the lake.  There were definitely some cold spots on the north side (which Jim later measured at 56 degrees), but overall it felt really nice.

I took it pretty easy today and didn't push myself at all.  I went to a specialist earlier this afternoon to have my shoulder and clavicle pain checked out.  I didn't get a solid answer, but did get a prescription for an anti-inflammatory.  My x-rays all looked fine and the pain is most likely tendonitis or possibly a small tear.  The doctor suggested that I maybe take a break from swimming for 6 to 8 weeks to let it fully recover (not sure if I can do that...).  He also suggested some exercises to strengthen my shoulder and chest muscles and thought that might help.  I'm a little unsure how much long distance swimming I will be able to do this summer.  We'll see how it goes.

We also managed to get the paddle board from Utah Paddle Surfing out on the water and had a lot of fun with it.  Sabrina and the boys had an especially good time on the water.  I think a SUP might be in our near future...

Thanks to everyone who came out today!  I am glad to have met a few of you for the first time and hope that we will be seeing each other again on more of these swims.

The new open water swimming bible.

I also got Steve Munatones' new book today.  I've been waiting for what seems like forever for it to be released.  I'm really looking forward to reading what I think will be the new open water swimming bible.  I will post a review when I finish.


Open Water Article in the Standard Examiner

Matt Gerrish, who participated in the inaugural 1 mile Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim, wrote a nice article about the growth of open water swimming in Utah for the Standard Examiner.
And here is a scan of the print article:

Thanks Matt!


Volunteers Needed for Utah Summer Games Paddle Surfing Races

Utah Paddle Surfing helped us out immensely with the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim and now it's time for the swimmers to return the favor.  There is a paddle board event this weekend at Deer Creek Reservoir that is part of Utah Summer Games and they are in need of volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to help with everything from set-up, registration, awards and clean-up to kayak support and lifeguards.  A complete list of volunteer opportunities can be found by clicking the link below.  To sign up for a shift (or two), click on the "Start Survey" button at the bottom of the page.

After the event we can probably sneak in some swimming and then head to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch (Tarahumara in Midway).

As a side note, we were this close to getting an open water swimming event included in this year's Utah Summer Games.  Next year I am pretty sure it will happen.

Thanks for your help!


Thursday Night Swim...Almost

Playing on the SUP at Bountiful Lake.  Thanks to Gords for the photo.

It's amazing how fast the weather can change around here.  I was looking forward to swimming at Bountiful Lake last night and was watching the weather from my office window all day.  It started getting windy, but I was still optimistic about the swim.

As we were driving out to the lake, the weather took a turn for the worse.  It was getting pretty windy and the clouds were getting dark.

When we got to the lake, Gords was already there.  He had taken the temperature, 53 degrees, and decided he would be better off to go to South Davis Rec Center instead.  He, and the wind, helped get the paddle board off the van that is on loan from Bekka at Utah Paddle Surfing.

I quickly got changed while Gords kept the board from being carried away by the wind.  I was surprised at how easy paddle boarding is.  I have terrible balance, but really had no trouble standing up on the board.  I paddled out a ways and then turned around.  On the way back I was paddling into the wind and current and I decided to get on my knees so I didn't get blown over.  Gords took some photos and video and then left for the pool.
I met Jeff, who had driven all the way out from Sandy, in the parking lot.  By this time the wind had picked up and it started to sprinkle and we decided it was best to not get in the water to swim.  He was interested in trying out the paddle board so he took it for a spin before heading back home.  I felt bad that he had driven so far and wasn't able to swim.

My family was also there and Sabrina, Jake, my dad and I all took turns on the paddle board.  It was pretty fun, even with the wind.

Jake took a spill when he was going against the current on the SUP towards the canal.  He got the board back to the boat ramp and then swam out a little ways into the lake.  I couldn't be outdone by my little brother, so I stripped down and waded into the water.  It actually felt ok near the boat ramp but got much colder a little way out.

Despite the weather, we still managed to have a good time.  Hopefully the weather is a little better for our next Thursday night swim.


Wednesday Morning Swim at GSL

Beautiful morning at the Great Salt Lake Marina.  The water was this calm even outside the marina.
Last night I told Sabrina I was going to swim this morning and she asked "Great Salt Lake or Bountiful?"  I wasn't planning on open water, I was going to go to the pool and put in some yards.  After her suggestion and after reading about Gords swim yesterday morning, I decided to head out to the marina instead.

It was perfect!  The water was completely still and I was pretty much the only one out there.  I quickly got ready and headed down to the boat ramp.  I was expecting the water to be much cooler and was pleasantly surprised at how warm it was.  The GSL Marina website says 68 today.  I didn't put my own thermometer in, but there were some much colder spots in the marina.

I decided to do the same swim Gords did yesterday and swam Saturday's one mile swim course to Black Rock and then back to the marina.

The obligatory blog photo to prove, as if anyone actually cares, that I was there.
I talked to Matt Gerrish from the Standard Examiner yesterday and he was asking why I choose to swim open water.  I told him a big reason was that I love being outside and seeing the scenery instead of the inside of a pool or gym, and today did not let down.  Many of the 8.12 mile swimmers that I interviewed on Saturday also commented about the scenery and how they liked being able to see the snow capped mountains as they swam.

As I was getting out of the marina there was a big tour van pulling up.  It was full of tourists there to see the lake.  It's kind of weird when they start taking your picture, so I hurried and rinsed off and got in my car.  I wonder how many pictures of me are floating around mixed in with vacation photos...

What a great way to start off the day!  I plan on making it a regular thing and Gords is already on board to join me every Monday and Wednesday morning.  We haven't worked out times yet, but I will post them here when we figure it out in case anyone wants to come with us.


Group Swim at Bountiful Lake - Thursday June 16 @ 6:00pm

We are getting together this coming Tuesday June 16th for a group swim at Bountiful Lake.  We will be meeting at 6:00pm at the boat ramp.

According to Lora Erickson, the water temperature has been cool (around 54 degrees), so please plan accordingly.  Wetsuits are recommended for those who are new to open water or have not spent time in cold water.

I also have a stand up paddle board on loan from Utah Paddle Surfing that I will bring.  I have never tried one before and am looking forward to giving it a shot.  Anyone who wants to give it a try is welcome.

Directions to Bountiful Lake: 
Coming from north or south of Bountiful, take the 500 South exit from either I-15 or Legacy Parkway. Head west on 500 South. 500 South will wrap around into a frontage road. Head north on the frontage road for about 1.5 miles. You'll see the lake on the left side, the entrance to the parking lot is at the very northeast corner. The boat ramp is on the west side of the parking lot.

Looking for Feedback on the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim

A big thanks again to everyone who swam with us on Saturday!  It was a lot of fun to meet each of you and watch many of you experience the Great Salt Lake for the first time.

We are trying to collect some feedback on what we can do better for next year.  If you get a minute, please take our online survey and let us know what you think.

We are already looking forward to June 9, 2012, so mark your calendars and tell your friends!



Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim - Saturday

One mile swimmers making their way through the marina to the starting buoy.

Saturday was an amazing, and stressful, day!  I woke up at about 5:00am to drive down the the marina to meet Gords and the 8.12 mile swimmers for their safety meeting and to raffle off some prizes donated by our sponsors.  It was fun to talk to the swimmers and see how excited they were about the swim.
Gords giving instructions to the 8 mile swimmers.
Gords gave some final instructions as well as a short history of the marathon swims of the past.  He was really well organized and I could tell he was excited for the race to actually be happening after so much planning.

We got the swimmers loaded up into the vans and sent them off to Antelope Island.  As soon as they left, Jake and I started setting things up for the 1 mile swim.  We talked to a lot of sailors and some people from the Hawaiian canoe club.  They were all really interested in the event and had a lot of questions.

At around 10:00am we started checking swimmers in.  It was really exciting to meet the people who would be swimming and to talk to them about the race and what to expect.

There was a pretty good sized crowd by the time we were ready to start.  We had a quick meeting (maybe too quick...) with the support paddlers and got them into the water and on their way to the course.

Next we had a meeting with all the swimmers.  There was a crowd of about 50 people at the observation deck by that time.  I gave some final instructions and advice and answered as many questions as I could.  Dave Shearer also gave some instructions for getting out of the marina and to the starting buoy safely.

Steve Spencer showing the last trophy his father, Orson Spencer, won.
I had the honor of introducing Steve Spencer, son of legendary GSL swimmer Orson Spencer, who told about his dad and his swimming career.  Steve had brought along some photos, newspaper articles, awards and a trophy for everyone to see.  He did an amazing job and got a lot of cheers when he finished.  We were lucky to have Steve and his family there and hope that we will be able to have them come out every year.  We are hoping to be able to post video of his presentation soon.

After Steve finished his presentation, the swimmers walked down to the boat ramp and starting making their way to the starting buoy.  It was a lot of fun to hear their reactions as I walked along the path to where I would be starting the race from.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

One of the Utah State Parks boats was in the marina (I assume with Dave on board) making sure that everyone made it out safe.  It took a little while for all the swimmers to make it to the starting buoy.  I was relieved to see that the buoys we had placed the night before had not moved and it was reassuring to see all the paddlers lined up along the course.

Start of the 1 mile race.
Once the last swimmer made it to the starting buoy, I had Steve count down from 10 and we started the race.  From there it was a mad dash to jump in a van and drive down to Black Rock.  My family was amazing and had packed everything up and were already on their way to Black Rock.  I took a couple of the lifeguards in the van with me and I had a good time talking to them about the swim and answering their questions.  We could see the swimmers making their way down the course as we drove down the gravel road to Black Rock.

My family had already set up the tent and food by the time I got there which was a huge relief.  We got everything ready to record the times as the swimmers came in and got the medals and awards ready to go as well.

It was exciting to see the first swimmers come it!  There were mixed reactions when I asked them how it went, but overall I think everyone had a great time.  It was a swim that they will not soon forget!  When the last of the swimmers came in, I was finally able to relax a little bit.  This was the first open water swim for several of the participants and I was happy to see that they all were able to finish.

I got some interviews with a bunch of swimmers as they were coming out.  The major complaint was the salt water in their mouths (which was to be expected).  Hopefully we will be posting some of those videos on the website soon.

We held a raffle with more prizes donated by our sponsors and then I took a van full of swimmers back to the marina.  Many of them told me how thankful they were that we put this race together and offered some good suggestions about how to make it better for next year.

1 mile swimmers.
Here are the official results for the 1 mile swim:

After dropping them off at the marina, I made my way back to Black Rock to wait for the 8 mile swimmers to come in.  Gords had called me a few times to tell me that they were getting close.  Will Reeves was the first to finish.  This was no surprise to many of us.  Will is an amazingly fast swimmer and was happy that one of our local swimmers won the race.

Antelope to Black Rock Swimmers.
We watched the rest of the swimmers finish and I was able to get video interviews with all of them.  I was exciting to see the camaraderie that had developed among them over such a short time period.  The 8 mile swimmers compared stories, and tongues, before heading back to the marina.

Here are the official results for the 8.12 mile swim:

Clean-up took a while and I think I finally got home around 8:00pm.  I am so thankful for all the swimmers (who all finished!), volunteers and sponsors who made this event happen.  A HUGE thanks to my family who spent the whole day at the lake and helped me with everything from set-up, check-in, photos, setting up buoy, food prep, transportation, etc.  We couldn't have done it without your help!  I think Gords and I make a pretty good team and I had a lot of fun working with him on this project and look forward to many more years putting on the race with him.

We are already looking at June 9, 2012...who's in?

What People Are Saying About the Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim

1 mile swimmers at the end of the race.

8.12 mile swimmer at the end of the race.
We had so much putting together the inaugural Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim and apparently so did a lot of other people.  Here are some links to what some of them are saying:

Gordon Gridley - Race Director & 2-Time GSL World Record Holder / Gords Swim Log

Josh Green - Race Director / Utah Open Water

Goody Tyler IV - 8.12 Mile Swimmer / Goody's Swim Log

Rob Dumouchel - 8.12 Mile Swimmer & Adventure Beard Enthusiast / Rob Aquatics

Jake Green - Volunteer / Swimming Towards Redemption

Charles Uibel - Photographer / My Great Salt Lake & Great Salt Lake Photos
If you have a link to another blog or article about the race please send me the link!  If you were at the race (as a swimmer, spectator or volunteer), please send me your thoughts or leave a comment below.  joshuakgreen@gmail.com.

Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim - Friday

Rob, John, Suzie, Joe and Silvia taking their first dip in the Great Salt Lake.
Wow!  What a day on Saturday!  There is way too much for one post so I am going to split it up into "pre-race" and "race day" posts.

After taking care of a few things at work Friday morning, I took the rest of the day off to buy food and supplies, set buoys and haul kayaks to the southern tip of Antelope Island. 

I met Gordon, Rob, Jake, Goody and Brendon at the marina in the early afternoon.  It was fun to meet Rob and talk to everyone while we were waiting for the buoys to be delivered.

Getting the buoys in a straight line for the 1 mile swim turned out to be a little harder than we thought, and we spent a little more time than we had planned out on the water making sure that they were in right.  I think we've got a system down now that will work better for next year and make it go much faster.  A big thanks to Jim Hubbard for letting us borrow his buoys and to his wife Connie for hauling them up to the marina.  Gordon's brother-in-law Brendon was also a HUGE help in helping us get the buoys in place.  Thanks also to my brother Jake who was at the marina for as long as I was, helping to get things ready.

Looking out across the 1 mile swim course.
When we got back from setting the buoys, the kayaks were already loaded on two Utah State Parks boats to be taken to Antelope Island.  All of the 8 mile swimmers where there and it was fun to meet them and see how excited they were.  What a great bunch of swimmers!  It was especially fun to see some of the out of town swimmers take their first dip in the Great Salt Lake and see their reactions.

It was a beautiful, and bumpy, ride across the lake.  Dave Shearer and his crew got us as close as they could to the island and we unloaded the kayaks and strung them together.  Gords and I got in the water and drug all 11 kayaks from the boats to the island.  It ended up being a lot more work that either of us planned on.  We waded through waist deep water for probably a mile and a half to get to the shore.  We both forgot to bring goggles, so we had to wade all the way back to the boats instead of swim.

On the way back to the marina after dropping off the kayaks on Antelope Island.
The rest of the evening was spent organizing all of the equipment and supplies and loading them into the van.  Kara Robertson gave me some advice and told me to get as much sleep as possible the night before.  Yeah right!  I wasn't up as late as Gords, but I didn't get to bed until about 12:30am.


Last Chance to Register for the Inaugural Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim!

Time is running out to take part of the inaugural Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  The event will take place this Saturday, June 11 at the Great Salt Lake Marina.  Registration closes on June 9 at midnight.

Visit the event website for more information and click here to register on Active.com.


Last Minute Great Salt Lake Swim

Jake at Black Rock (my family isn't big on getting their pictures taken).

It's been a busy weekend.  We went up to Lewiston Friday night and camped overnight for the Little Red Riding Hood ride that my wife was participating in.  I like visiting small towns and we had a lot of fun.

On our way home we stopped by Hyrum Reservoir.  It was pretty crowded and there was one guy with a wetsuit in the water swimming and floating around.  I really wanted to get in and swim, but we were all starving and decided to get some late lunch.

I texted Jake on our way home to see if he wanted to go down to the Great Salt Lake for a quick swim.  It was such a nice day today that I needed to spend some time in the water.

We had to modify the one mile course for the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim due to rising water levels and another event happening the same day.  I wanted to swim the new course to check the distance with my GPS and also to see first hand what our swimmers will see.

We parked my van at Black Rock and then Jake drove us back to the GSL Marina.  Once at the marina, we quickly stripped to our suits and waded into the water.  It felt cold at first, but it didn't take long to get comfortable in it.  We swam out of the marina and out to the starting buoy.  I started my GPS and we were off.

It was a beautiful evening out on the lake.  There were several sailboats out on the water enjoying the good weather.  The water was very pleasant for about a foot and cooled off significantly after that.

One mile race course viewed from the Great Salt Lake Marina.

When my hand started scraping the sandy bottom, I stood up and walked the rest of the way to the finish line.  When I got to Black Rock, there were a lot of people there.  A group of them started yelling and walked over to where I was getting out of the water.  It turned out to be a group of Girl Scouts.  They had seen our bright orange caps in the water and had been watching us.  Their leader could not believe that we were swimming in the lake.  The girls and their leader asked us quite a few questions about the lake and swimming and it was fun talking to them.

Finish line for the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  Antelope Island to the left and the Great Salt Lake Marina to the right.
One mile swim course.

When we got back to the marina, we saw a guy walking down to the beach with a fishing pole.  WTF?!  We walked out to the end of the marina to have a look at the starting buoys and the race course and saw another guy fishing!  I don't know what they were hoping to catch, but there isn't anything out there other than brine shrimp.

I caught Dave Shearer, the Great Salt Lake Marina Harbor Master, at his office and give him a copy of our permit application.  I think we are all squared away now.

It was a great evening and I'm glad Jake was able to come out and swim with me. 

Great Salt Lake Open Water Clinic

It's been a busy weekend and I'm just getting around to posting about our clinic at the Great Salt Lake on Thursday...

We had four swimmers come to the clinic (did the Great Salt Lake scare people off?).  After introductions, Gords went over some of the basics of open water swimming.  He has a good summary of what he covered on his blog.

In the Great Salt Lake Marina.
After we answered a few questions, we made out way down to the water for some practice.  The water was about 60 degrees according to the thermometer on the kayak.  Once in the water, we practiced sighting in the marina and then moved out into the open lake for a simulated race start.
Beautiful evening out on the water.

This was the first time any of the swimmers had swam in the Great Salt Lake and, as far as I could tell, they all enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.  Everyone but Gords, my dad and I was wearing a wetsuit.  It was funny to hear that they were having a hard time keeping their feet in the water!

Simulated race start.
Luckily, Jim Hubbard brought his stove and had hot chocolate for everyone when they got out.

I had a lot of fun and hope that everyone had a good time and learned something new.  Thanks to Gords and Jim for their help with the clinic.  Thanks to Jake for paddling and keeping an eye on us.  Thanks to my mom and dad for coming out and for taking pictures.  And thanks to all the swimmers who came out and braved the salty waters!


Free Open Water Clinic - Thursday June 2 @ 6:00pm @ Great Salt Lake Marina

Just a reminder that we will be holding a free open water clinic tomorrow evening at 6:00pm at the Great Salt Lake Marina.  We will be covering open water basics like goggles, sighting, wetsuits, drafting, body lubricants, etc. before getting in the water for some practice.

If you are participating, or thinking about participating,  in the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim on June 11, this would be a great opportunity to see the race course and test the waters.  Race directors from the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim and the Deer Creek Open Water Swim will be on hand to answer questions.

There is no charge for the clinic, however there is a $2 per car entrance fee for the Great Salt Lake Marina.

We will be meeting at the north end of the marina at the overlook point.  Water temperatures have been in the lower 60's so please plan accordingly.

He Made It! Gordon Gridley's World Record Great Salt Lake Swim

Mission accomplished! Gords on the beach of White Rock Bay after his record swim.
As of about 7:00pm last night, Gordon Gridley has earned his second world record for swimming in the Great Salt Lake.  His first record was for breaking a 73 year old record by swimming the same course that marathon swimmers from the 1920's and 1940's swam, from the southern tip of Antelope Island to Black Rock.  This time around, Gordon upped the ante significantly by swimming from Black Rock to White Rock Bay (on Antelope Island), a distance of 21.7 miles.

My family and I met Gordon's family on the beach of White Rock Bay to welcome Gordon back to dry land.  We saw his support crew, his two oldest sons, in the kayak way off in the distance and watched them make their way to the beach.

The water is so shallow near the beach that Gordon had to wade/walk/jog probably a quarter mile before he could completely clear the water.  He was in really good spirits and seemed to have plenty of energy even though he had been swimming for just under 11 hours.

Gords wading through the shallow water to the beach.
Pickled tongue...
Congrats on your accomplishment Gords!  You've got to read the first hand account and see the stats from the swim on Gords blog: Gords Swim Log.