Great Salt Lake Open Water Clinic

It's been a busy weekend and I'm just getting around to posting about our clinic at the Great Salt Lake on Thursday...

We had four swimmers come to the clinic (did the Great Salt Lake scare people off?).  After introductions, Gords went over some of the basics of open water swimming.  He has a good summary of what he covered on his blog.

In the Great Salt Lake Marina.
After we answered a few questions, we made out way down to the water for some practice.  The water was about 60 degrees according to the thermometer on the kayak.  Once in the water, we practiced sighting in the marina and then moved out into the open lake for a simulated race start.
Beautiful evening out on the water.

This was the first time any of the swimmers had swam in the Great Salt Lake and, as far as I could tell, they all enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.  Everyone but Gords, my dad and I was wearing a wetsuit.  It was funny to hear that they were having a hard time keeping their feet in the water!

Simulated race start.
Luckily, Jim Hubbard brought his stove and had hot chocolate for everyone when they got out.

I had a lot of fun and hope that everyone had a good time and learned something new.  Thanks to Gords and Jim for their help with the clinic.  Thanks to Jake for paddling and keeping an eye on us.  Thanks to my mom and dad for coming out and for taking pictures.  And thanks to all the swimmers who came out and braved the salty waters!


Tracey Rumsey said...

Thanks for this post. I'm amazed at how nice the water looks. Always thought Salt Lake meant 'bugs and yuck'. Wish I could have made this clinic. I will watch for others. I'm part of a group looking for open water swims/instruction. All new or almost new to open water. Your site is so helpful!

Josh said...

Yeah a lot of people have a negative view of the lake. It's actually really nice. We have made several GSL converts this year.

If you want to get your group together sometime, I'd be happy to meet you and answer questions or do a mini-clinic and swim if you thought it would help.