He Made It! Gordon Gridley's World Record Great Salt Lake Swim

Mission accomplished! Gords on the beach of White Rock Bay after his record swim.
As of about 7:00pm last night, Gordon Gridley has earned his second world record for swimming in the Great Salt Lake.  His first record was for breaking a 73 year old record by swimming the same course that marathon swimmers from the 1920's and 1940's swam, from the southern tip of Antelope Island to Black Rock.  This time around, Gordon upped the ante significantly by swimming from Black Rock to White Rock Bay (on Antelope Island), a distance of 21.7 miles.

My family and I met Gordon's family on the beach of White Rock Bay to welcome Gordon back to dry land.  We saw his support crew, his two oldest sons, in the kayak way off in the distance and watched them make their way to the beach.

The water is so shallow near the beach that Gordon had to wade/walk/jog probably a quarter mile before he could completely clear the water.  He was in really good spirits and seemed to have plenty of energy even though he had been swimming for just under 11 hours.

Gords wading through the shallow water to the beach.
Pickled tongue...
Congrats on your accomplishment Gords!  You've got to read the first hand account and see the stats from the swim on Gords blog: Gords Swim Log.

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