Thursday Night Swim...Almost

Playing on the SUP at Bountiful Lake.  Thanks to Gords for the photo.

It's amazing how fast the weather can change around here.  I was looking forward to swimming at Bountiful Lake last night and was watching the weather from my office window all day.  It started getting windy, but I was still optimistic about the swim.

As we were driving out to the lake, the weather took a turn for the worse.  It was getting pretty windy and the clouds were getting dark.

When we got to the lake, Gords was already there.  He had taken the temperature, 53 degrees, and decided he would be better off to go to South Davis Rec Center instead.  He, and the wind, helped get the paddle board off the van that is on loan from Bekka at Utah Paddle Surfing.

I quickly got changed while Gords kept the board from being carried away by the wind.  I was surprised at how easy paddle boarding is.  I have terrible balance, but really had no trouble standing up on the board.  I paddled out a ways and then turned around.  On the way back I was paddling into the wind and current and I decided to get on my knees so I didn't get blown over.  Gords took some photos and video and then left for the pool.
I met Jeff, who had driven all the way out from Sandy, in the parking lot.  By this time the wind had picked up and it started to sprinkle and we decided it was best to not get in the water to swim.  He was interested in trying out the paddle board so he took it for a spin before heading back home.  I felt bad that he had driven so far and wasn't able to swim.

My family was also there and Sabrina, Jake, my dad and I all took turns on the paddle board.  It was pretty fun, even with the wind.

Jake took a spill when he was going against the current on the SUP towards the canal.  He got the board back to the boat ramp and then swam out a little ways into the lake.  I couldn't be outdone by my little brother, so I stripped down and waded into the water.  It actually felt ok near the boat ramp but got much colder a little way out.

Despite the weather, we still managed to have a good time.  Hopefully the weather is a little better for our next Thursday night swim.

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Jake Green said...

That was fun we gotta try out the board again! I forgot how fun cold water swimming is and part of me misses it.