Volunteers Needed for Utah Summer Games Paddle Surfing Races

Utah Paddle Surfing helped us out immensely with the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim and now it's time for the swimmers to return the favor.  There is a paddle board event this weekend at Deer Creek Reservoir that is part of Utah Summer Games and they are in need of volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to help with everything from set-up, registration, awards and clean-up to kayak support and lifeguards.  A complete list of volunteer opportunities can be found by clicking the link below.  To sign up for a shift (or two), click on the "Start Survey" button at the bottom of the page.

After the event we can probably sneak in some swimming and then head to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch (Tarahumara in Midway).

As a side note, we were this close to getting an open water swimming event included in this year's Utah Summer Games.  Next year I am pretty sure it will happen.

Thanks for your help!

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