Wednesday Morning Swim at GSL

Beautiful morning at the Great Salt Lake Marina.  The water was this calm even outside the marina.
Last night I told Sabrina I was going to swim this morning and she asked "Great Salt Lake or Bountiful?"  I wasn't planning on open water, I was going to go to the pool and put in some yards.  After her suggestion and after reading about Gords swim yesterday morning, I decided to head out to the marina instead.

It was perfect!  The water was completely still and I was pretty much the only one out there.  I quickly got ready and headed down to the boat ramp.  I was expecting the water to be much cooler and was pleasantly surprised at how warm it was.  The GSL Marina website says 68 today.  I didn't put my own thermometer in, but there were some much colder spots in the marina.

I decided to do the same swim Gords did yesterday and swam Saturday's one mile swim course to Black Rock and then back to the marina.

The obligatory blog photo to prove, as if anyone actually cares, that I was there.
I talked to Matt Gerrish from the Standard Examiner yesterday and he was asking why I choose to swim open water.  I told him a big reason was that I love being outside and seeing the scenery instead of the inside of a pool or gym, and today did not let down.  Many of the 8.12 mile swimmers that I interviewed on Saturday also commented about the scenery and how they liked being able to see the snow capped mountains as they swam.

As I was getting out of the marina there was a big tour van pulling up.  It was full of tourists there to see the lake.  It's kind of weird when they start taking your picture, so I hurried and rinsed off and got in my car.  I wonder how many pictures of me are floating around mixed in with vacation photos...

What a great way to start off the day!  I plan on making it a regular thing and Gords is already on board to join me every Monday and Wednesday morning.  We haven't worked out times yet, but I will post them here when we figure it out in case anyone wants to come with us.

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