What a Way To Start The Week!

Warm and glassy water at the GSL Marina this morning.
I met Gords at the GSL Marina this morning at 6:30.  It was a beautiful morning with glassy water.  We got ready and headed down to the boat ramp, where we were met by an unusually large number of bugs.  When I was there two weeks ago, there were no bugs at all.

We swam out of the marina and stopped near the green buoy just outside of the marina.  The plan was to head straight to Black Rock and back, which is about 2 miles round-trip.  The water was really warm.  I guessed it was 70 degrees and later checked GSL Marina website, which showed 72 degrees.  It's almost getting too warm to swim out there now!  As we were swimming, we passed through a couple cooler spots that felt very refreshing.

I had forgotten about a small cut on my finger until I got into the water...ouch!  The lake does a great job of reminding you of exactly where your wounds are.

Once we got to Black Rock, we stopped to rinse out our mouths and then headed back.  I stopped my watch at 26:11.  I was just a little bit slower on the way back at 26:36.  Gords was a full minute or more faster than me both directions.

I was worried that the pain in my clavicle and shoulder area was going to come back, so I was trying to take it easy and stay relaxed.  I didn't really notice anything while swimming, but when I got home I started feeling the familiar dull pain.

Early morning seems like a popular time for tour buses to show up.  When we got back into the marina, there was a crowd of tourists walking around, taking pictures and feeling the water.  I'm sure Gords and I ended up in a few vacation photos.

A swimmers best friend after a workout in the Great Salt Lake.
There is a hose near the boat ramp that I always assumed was for rinsing of equipment and stuff after sailing.  I only recently found out that the water is actually drinkable and have started rinsing off there after swims.

What a great way to start off the week!  We will be swimming again on Wednesday morning at 6:30am if anyone wants to join us.  We are planning on 2 to 3 miles.

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