Windy and Choppy GSL Swim

Windy and choppy at the GSL Marina this morning.

I drove out to the GSL Marina this morning to meet Gords for a swim.  I was surprised to see Goody waiting in the parking lot.  It's been a while since I have seen him and even longer since I have swam with him.  He always adds an element of fun and excitement when he is around.
We swam through the marina and chatted for a while about Goody's upcoming Alcatraz swim.  When we got outside the marina, we started our watches and headed towards Black Rock.

It was a little windy this morning and there was a fair amount of chop on the way to Black Rock.  I took in a few mouthfuls of water when breathing to the left, so I switched to breathing more on my right and was fine.  My goggles fogged up and I couldn't see Black Rock when I sighted.  As I got closer I realized that I was pretty far off course and had to swim back in towards the shore.  Gords and Goody were already there waiting and I think had been there for a while when I finally met them.

After rinsing out our mouths, we headed back towards the marina.  My shoulder was feeling pretty good so I decided to push it a little on the way back and finished about 2 minutes faster than on the way out.

Gords getting in another mile in the chop.
Goody had to meet a client and I had to get to work so we took off while Gords swam another mile in the chop.  I chatted with Goody for a while in the parking lot about trying to get more people involved in open water swimming and about his idea to go for a night swim at Pineview.  I was so excited by the idea that I picked up a bunch of glow sticks on my way to work!

Can't wait to use these!

On a side note, Goody teaches private swimming lessons and has worked with triathletes at Pineview Reservoir.  If you are in the Ogden area and are looking for some swimming help, send me an email and I can put you in touch with him.


Unknown said...

Another Josh here, newly utarded, looking for some OW swim partners... It's actually the girlfriend and I, we live in S SLC and only have one tri under our belts... hoping to get into a regular workout, ran across your site after seeing this post... http://forums.usms.org/showthread.php?t=11322
give me a shout if you've got anything going!

Unknown said...

oops, im dense, should have looked around a bit more before I spoke... hoping to head out to BL to meet you guys tonight.

Josh said...

If you want to email me at joshuakgreen@gmail.com I will put you on my mailing list for future swims. I look forward to meeting you tonight at Bountiful Lake.

Matt Gerrish said...

Night swim at Pineview?! I'm in! When you planning on doing it?

Josh said...


Not sure when the night swim is going to happen, I'm actually not the one putting it together. Should be fun though!