Beautiful, Calm Swim at GSL

Perfect morning for a swim at the Great Salt Lake.
I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning and woke up when it went off.  I must have gone back to sleep because when I woke up again it was 6:10.  Nuts!  I had to rush out the door to get to the marina by 6:30.  When I got there, Amy was just pulling in.  This was her first swim in the Great Salt Lake (and also ended up being her longest open water swim!).

We waded into the water and talked for a minute while we made our way into the marina.  Amy is training for an Ironman at the end of the month and wanted to go for the 2 mile round-trip from the marina to Black Rock and back.

The water was very warm and I am really starting to miss the 60's.  I kept hoping that we would swim through some cold spots, but there were none.  On the way out to Black Rock the water was totally flat and I stretched out my stroke and just enjoyed myself.  At Black Rock, we stopped to talk for a minute and rinse out our mouths with some Gatorade before heading back.  There was a slight breeze on the way back, but it was still relatively calm.  I took it easy on the way out (still a little cautious with my shoulder) but pushed it a little harder on the way back and also sprinted the last 200 meters or so.  I didn't get my time on the way out, but was pretty happy with my time on the way back at just over 24 minutes.

Caps off to Amy for not only swimming for the first time in the Great Salt Lake, but for completing her longest open water swim at 2.25 miles!

Ha! Now the tables are turned!  There were WAY more tourists when we got out, but they had made their way back to their buses by the time I got my camera out.
As we were getting out, there were two huge tourist buses in the parking lot.  I have never seen that many tourists at the lake at one time before.  They saw us in the water and came down to the dock with their cameras to take our picture.

The hose that we usually use to rinse off was being repaired so we both just dried off and headed home.

I love swimming at GSL in the morning!  It's generally much calmer than in the afternoon and there is no one out on the water that early in the morning.  We will be swimming at GSL again on Wednesday morning at 6:30am and invite anyone to join us.

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