Big Group at Bountiful Lake Tonight

What a great group tonight!
We had a great group swim tonight at Bountiful Lake.  We set a new record with 11 swimmers!  For about half, it was the first time swimming with our group and their first swim at Bountiful Lake.

It was a little breezy when we pulled up, but it calmed down before we got into the water.  About half of the group wore wetsuits and the other half swam "naked".  We decided to do the usual one mile lap around the lake and set off.  I think next time we will start from the eastern pier and avoid some of the junk near the canal.

At the second pier, Goody called me over.  There was a family visiting from France there who saw us in the water and wanted to get directions to the Great Salt Lake to go swimming!  Sweet!  Don't ask me how tourists from France ended up at Bountiful Lake....

Here is the data from Endomondo...an average speed of 11.3 miles per hour is not bad.
I've been playing with the Endomondo app on my phone (if you are using it too, add me as a friend) and decided to give it a try on a swim.  I put my phone in a ziploc bag and then put it in my Safe Swimmer.  I was surprised so see that we had swam 7.56 miles in only 40 minutes!  Obviously there are some things that need to be worked out.  I'm not sure if it was where I put my phone in the Safe Swimmer that distorted the signal or what.  I'll give it another shot, because I really like the idea.

After getting a drink and saying goodbye to the group, Goody and I decided to swim another lap.  This time we went counter-clockwise.  My shoulder was feeling great and I picked up my pace a little.  About halfway through we switched to breaststroke and chatted for a while.  When we got to the east pier, I told Goody I was going to sprint the rest of the way in.  It felt good to pick up the pace and my shoulder didn't bother me at all.

As we were getting all packed up, a group of scouts pulled up with homemade kayaks that they were going to be using on a camping trip.  They looked awesome!  I should have asked where they got the plans or kits to make them because that would be a fun little project to do.  *UPDATE*  I found the plans online, check out this link.  The kayak can actually fold flat!  I really want to build one...

I had a lot of fun tonight and it was good to meet some new people and get to know some of the repeat swimmers a little better.

I've had a lot of interest in the Safe Swimmer (aka Swim Safety Device) that I have been using.  Hopefully by next week we will have quite a few in stock that will be available for purchase at any of our group swims or clinics.  The large size sells for $40 and the smaller size sells for $35.

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