Big Group at Bountiful Lake

We had a big group tonight for our Thursday evening swim at Bountiful Lake.  There were twelve of us total including some newcomers.  There were actually two more who just stopped by to pick up some Safe Swimmers but didn't have time to get in and swim.

We talked for a while as everyone was pulling up and getting ready.  When we were all ready to go, we walked over to the east dock and jumped in.  It was warm outside and jumping into the warm water barely cooled me down.

I had to get back home for a BBQ so I only had time to get in one lap.  I wanted to make it count so I swam faster than usual.  There was a new guy there (didn't get his name...oops) who was pretty fast.  I think he would have totally left me in his wake if it wasn't his first time at the lake and he knew where he was going.

What a great group!  I had a lot of fun tonight and look forward to next Thursday.

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