Nice, Warm Swim at Bountiful Lake

I met Jake, Scott, Amy and Kristen this evening at Bountiful Lake.  Despite the menacing looking clouds, there was no rain, lighting or wind and the water was perfectly still.  We chatted for a few minutes about upcoming races before getting in the water.

The plan was just to swim the 1 mile loop around the lake.  The water was surprisingly warm.  I had my thermometer tied onto the back of my Safe Swimmer and it was reading 72 degrees.  I kind of have a hard time believing it was that high.  The thermometer was floating right at the very top of the water instead of below it and I think that's why it was so high.  Don't get me wrong, the water was warm.  Even on the north side where the water comes in.

I had to keep stopping to de-fog my goggles.  I have never liked to use anti-fog because it had left a residue on the lenses.  I have a few samples of Foggle left over from the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim, maybe I'll try on of those next time.

I got caught in some guys fishing line!  I'm actually surprised that it has taken this long to happen.  I was hugging the shore a little too close and didn't notice a fisher on the shore because my goggles were fogged up.  It took me a minute to get the line untangled from my Safe Swimmer, but luckily I avoided the hook.

It was a really nice night and it was good to meet some new swimmers.  Hopefully we will see them again!  Next group swim is 6:30am at the Great Salt Lake Marina.

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