Night Swim at Pineview Reservoir

Me, Kim, Alicia, Goody and Gords after our night swim at Pineview.
My friend Goody had an idea a while ago to do a night swim at Pineview Reservoir.  It sounded fun, and kind of dangerous, so of course I had to do it.  I have never been swimming at night before (unless you count skinny dipping when I was younger...) and it was a new experience for me.

I met Goody, Kim and Alicia at Goody's house at about 9:00pm and got our stuff loaded up and drove to the reservoir.  It was starting to get dark when we pulled in and everyone else who was there was packing up their stuff to leave.  It's been years since I swam at Pineview, so Goody showed me where the buoys were and explained the course that we would be swimming.  Gords and one of his sons pulled up soon after we got there.

We were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and had to take cover in the car.  I brought some small glow-stick bracelets that we put on our wrists in the car while waiting for it to get dark enough to swim.  At a little before 10:00pm, Goody told us it was time to go.  We walked down to the water and made our final preparations before getting in.  I was really excited to get in the water!  It was surprisingly warm, even at night.

Goody was not excited at all :)
Goody did a good job of planning and figuring out all of the safety procedures beforehand and he gave us some instructions.  He would be going ahead of us on his kayak and we would swim to a buoy, take a headcount, and then swim to the next.  I thought I might be creeped out by the darkness, but I was wasn't at all.  I think it was probably because I had a bunch of friends nearby.

We made it to the end of the buoy line with no problems and headed back.  The wind started picking up when we got near the last buoy.  It was blowing straight into us as we headed back to the shore.  On the shore, Goody and Alicia traded places and we headed out again.  The wind was still blowing pretty good and Alicia had some trouble controlling the kayak.  I lost sight of her for a while, but eventually found her by following Goody and Gords.  Gords decided to take Alicia's place on the kayak and we lost Alicia's goggles in the process.  Goody made the call to head back in to shore instead of swimming the buoy line again, which I was ok with.

We got everything packed up and ready to go and...the gate was locked!  Goody managed to get a hold of the police department and they sent someone up really fast who was able to open the gate!  Whew!

It was definitely an adventure and I had a lot of fun being out on the lake at night.  It is something that I would definitely do again.  Goody did a great job getting everything organized.  The only thing we would change for next time would be to put more lights on the kayak to make it more visible.

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