Sunrise Swim at GSL Marina

Sunrise at the Great Salt Lake Marina.
I met Gords and Kevin at the GSL Marina this morning at 6:30am.  The lake was calm and beautiful and the sun was just coming up.

We got ready and headed down to the ramp.  The water was warm and as smooth as glass.  We swam out of the marina and then stopped to regroup.  The plan was to swim what is now being called the "Gridley Straight" which is the 2 mile stretch that goes from the marina to Black Rock and back.

I was feeling pretty good.  No pain at all while swimming and I felt like my stroke was pretty smooth and strong.  We finished the first mile in about 26:30.  On the way back we swam through some colder water, but it was only cold right on the surface...weird.  As I was swimming, I was thinking about what distance I will swim at Deer Creek.  After Monday's 4.79 mile swim, I shouldn't have any problem with the 10K.  The pain was there towards the end, but it was manageable.  I think I might just go for 10 miles.  I won't be breaking any speed records, I'll just take it easy the whole way.  I'll pack some ibuprofen on the kayak and I think I should be good.
We finished the second mile a little faster at about 26:15.  I wanted to keep going with Gords and do another lap of the "Gridley Straight" but my wife had a doctors appointment this morning and I needed to get home.

Good news!  There is a water hose working again!  The one closest to the marina is still out of commission, but they put a hose on the next one down so I was able to rinse off before heading home.

It was a very relaxing morning and I really enjoyed the swim.  This might be my last swim for the week unless I can squeeze one in on Saturday.  My neighbor and I kind of threw together a band and we are playing a show at Muse in Provo on Friday night before he leaves for law school.  We've got a practice scheduled for Thursday so I'm going to miss that swim.  If you are going to be in Provo this Friday night and don't have anything to do, come check us out!

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Sabrina said...

Thats Beautiful! I'm sure you feel pretty lucky getting to see that twice a week in the mornings!