Easy Swim at GSL Before Deer Creek

I woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat.  I was really close to just staying home and sleeping in, but I knew Gords and Kevin would be at the marina and I didn't want them to be waiting around for me if I wasn't coming.  This is proof of the motivating power of training with others.

Kevin was already at the marina when I got there.  We waited a little while for Gords, but figured he must be running late and we went ahead and got in.

Since I wasn't feeling well and also have the Deer Creek 10K coming up on Saturday, I decided to swim the short route to the end of the buoys and back.  I took it really easy and just enjoyed being out in the water and watching the sun come over the mountains.

I stopped at the entrance to the marina and looked out towards Black Rock.  I could see two bright orange Safe Swimmers and figured that one must be Gords.

I got out just as a big tour bus was pulling up.  A couple tourists came up to me and asked questions about swimming in the lake.  It's fun to talk to people about Great Salt Lake swimming.  The tourists coming in don't have the same negative stereotype that many of the locals do.

I rinsed off and walked back down to the boat ramp to wait for Gords and Kevin to come in.  You would have thought they were celebrities the way the tourists went running down the ramp with their cameras!  We chatted for a while about our upcoming races and also about the possibility of swimming through the winter (which I am totally going to try).

I'm looking forward to Deer Creek on Saturday and hope that my sore throat gets better by then...

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