Gridley Straight x 2

Two laps of the "Gridley Straight"
I met Gords at the GSL Marina this morning a little before 6:30am.  I want to bump up my weekly mileage a little before Slam the Dam and my goal was to do two laps of the Gridley Straight (about 4 miles) today.

I felt pretty sluggish for about the first 1/4 mile and then started to warm up.  I was keeping a pretty relaxed pace and was surprised to see that I had finished the first mile in about 25 minutes.  That's a pretty good one mile time for me and I was surprised because I hadn't been pushing it at all.

After we took a quick break to get a drink, we headed back to the marina.  When I finished the second mile I looked at my watch expecting to see about the same time, but instead it was about 30 minutes.

At the end of the third mile I checked my watch again and it was about 25 minutes again.  By this time I started to suspect that the inflow of water east of the marina must have been pushing us along on the way out the Black Rock and we must have been fighting against it on the way back.

Gords kicked my butt on the last mile!  I had stayed pretty close on the first three but he left me behind big time on the last one.  I clocked my last mile at over 30 minutes.

You can see in the chart below that my speed was faster on the first and third miles and slower on the second and fourth.  The only explanation I can come up with is the current from where the Jordan River comes into the lake.  It's kind of weird because you don't really notice being pushed along, even when you are stopped.

Gords was waiting on the boat ramp when I finished.  There was a swarm of tourists right down at the edge of the water.  We kind of had our backs to them and one guy yelled "Sir!  Hey, Sir!"  I turned around and he asked me if I could float in the water.  I laid on my back and my feet popped right up and there was a collective "ooooooh".  The guy wanted to see if I could float without the SSD, so I took it off and did it again.  A few of the tourists were taking pictures, which I though was kind of funny.  Another guy asked us "Is the water really salty? Like, super salty?"  Um, yeah that's why it's called the Great Salt Lake!

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