James Jonsson vs Lake Tahoe

I got an email from James Jonsson last night.  Unfortunately, he was not able to finish his swim due to deteriorating weather conditions and a painful leg cramp.  Here's what he had to say:

I am sorry to say that I did not make it across the length of Tahoe today due to deteriorating weather conditions and a severe leg cramp.  The weather forecast called for southwest winds 5 to 15 mph, same as yesterday and would have been perfect for a south to north swim.  However, two miles into the swim the wind switched to the north at 25 mph with three to four foot breaking waves.  I fought the tough headwinds for ten more miles and this resulted in my left leg to seize up and become useless, and once that happened I knew the swim was over.  My team pulled me out after 12.01 miles.  The wind and waves were so strong that my kayak escort was being swamped and my power boat had to keep both engines in low speed just to stay in one spot or else they would go backwards.  Needless to say the lake won this one.
I am disappointed that I didn't make it, but that's how it goes in marathon swimming; mother nature will always win.
I'm sure James is disappointed after training so hard for so long, but this is the nature of open water swimming and is to be expected sometimes.  We wish James the best of luck on his next swimming adventure.


Gords said...

Dang it! Sorry it went that way James. That's the worst feeling in the world, but you know how it goes. Mother nature can either be a beauty queen or a mean nasty hag! Keep your head up, there's another day.

Jon said...

Hey James,
Sorry to hear about your swim being cut short by the weather. Everyone has been asking about you at the Gym. You know you are still an inspiration to all of us one milers! Hope you enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Janis