Open Water Clinic at Deer Creek

This is why I love open water. Beautiful.

We had a little scare this afternoon when severe thunderstorm warnings threatened to cancel our clinic at Deer Creek.  I kept checking the weather and it looked like the storm was going to blow right over the reservoir.  Sure enough, when I met up with everyone else at Deer Creek, we watched the storm move right towards us.  Luckily, it didn't last very long and after about 15 minutes of heavy rain and lightning, the sky cleared and the sun came back out.

We talked a little bit about the race and what was to be expected on race day.  We also talked about the course, turn buoys, swimming with kayaks, race nutrition etc.  We purposefully left out a lot of the nuts and bolts that we usually cover so that we could spend more time in the water.

Gords did an incredible job having us run through various drills in the water.  We practiced breathing, sighting, drafting and at the end had a friendly little competition.  I would really like to start working some of this stuff into our weekly Thursday evening swims at Bountiful Lake.

I had a great time and, from what I could tell, so did everyone else.  The sun was setting as we were getting out of the water and was a perfect way to end the day.  Driving home the sky over the mountains was a deep purple and I could see another storm rolling in with occasional lighting. Beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who came and waited out the storm, you guys make these clinics a lot of fun.

I'm still trying to decide what distance to swim on the 13th, but am leaning towards the 10K right now.  If you haven't registered, there is still time...click here to get it done.

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