Review of the GOAT Gear Aquaspotter


I have been using the ISHOF SafeSwimmer for a while now, but there is a now another open water safety product on the market.  The GOAT Gear Aquaspotter consists of a lightweight flagpole and a bright orange flag that attaches to a neoprene belt.  The neoprene belt also holds a waterproof bag that is large enough to fit a cell phone and car keys.  (You can read more about the Aquaspotter on their website).

I bought an Aquaspotter last week and have been waiting for an opportunity to test it out.  This morning I was finally able to take it for it's maiden voyage in the super salty water of the Great Salt Lake.  I met three other swimmers at the Great Salt Lake Marina, all very curious about what this thing might be.

The neoprene belt is very comfortable and I hardly noticed that I had it on.  I was worried that in the salt water it would start to chaff, but I didn't have any problems with it at all.  I put my car keys and my wedding band in the waterproof bag and also could have easily fit my cell phone.

I have to admit that when I first saw the Aquaspotter, I thought it would be awkward to swim with.  It has a pole and a flag that attach to the neoprene belt and stick straight up in the air while you are swimming.  I was surprised that I hardly felt it at all.

Here is some video of the device in action from their website:

The other swimmers all said that it was very easy to see and even started to sight off of the Aquaspotter flag instead of the buoys.

Overall, I am happy with the Aquaspotter.  It is comfortable to wear and makes me more visible in the water.  Did I mention it's made in the USA?  That's something I can totally get behind.


Gords said...

I guess if you wanted to be even safer, you could just strap the thing around your SSD instead of your waist. Then to go even more hard core, buy one of these lights and tape it to the top of the pole next to the flag. That would be sick!

Josh said...

Ha ha, yeah you could wear this and the SSD at the same time. Adding the light would be awesome!

Scott said...

@Gords - we have been trying to figure out a way to add a light to the flagpole. However, all of the lights we have worked with so far are too heavy and cause the flagpole to fall and not stay upright.

Hope you are all enjoying Utah :)

Scott - Founding GOAT

Cristian Valerio said...

It put a huge smile on my face to see that your "baby" has made it to my home state! Congrats Scott!! :)