Shaking it up with Sprints at GSL

I met Gords at the GSL marina gate this morning a little before 6:00am and we had to wait about 15 minutes for it to open.  The sign says the marina opens at sunrise and Gords thinks maybe the gate has a light sensor or something on it, which makes sense.

The water seemed a little cooler getting in that it did last week.  Gords original plan was to do the "Gridley Straight" down and back, twice for a total of 4 miles.  It's going to be a crazy week at work for me and I am already behind, so I was shooting for a little less.

One the way down to Black Rock, my goggles were so fogged up that I could hardly see.  I didn't want to stop and clean them off so I kept going.  Finally I had to stop to see where I was and realized that I was pretty far off course.  I had to cut back in towards Black Rock.  I still made the first mile in a decent time.

Gords decided to shake things up and swim straight out into the lake and then east towards the last buoy and back into the marina.  I had to get to work, so I swam straight back to the marina.  I was going to keep going out to the last buoy and back but, inspired by Gords switching his workout up, decided to try something new.  I did two sets of sprints between the two green buoys near the marina.  I would sprint to the eastern buoy (maybe 300 yards) and then swim back easy to the western buoy.  My goal was to improve my time on the second sprint and was able to beat it by 15 seconds.  It was a nice way to change things up and I think I'll end some of my future swims with a similar set of sprints.

It was a really nice morning and I had a really great workout.  My shoulder / tendonitis / whatever it is wasn't bothering me at all this morning and I'm looking forward to Deer Creek this Saturday.  I've been back and forth between the 10 mile and 10K and have finally decided to do the 10K.  I haven't been able to put in the miles I wanted to for the 10 mile because of my shoulder thing.  Maybe if things go well I will try a 10 mile on my own after Deer Creek is over.

I had a nice surprise on the way home.  I had an email from Steve Spencer, son of legendary GSL swimmer Orson Spencer, with a link to the video his family made of his presentation before the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  I plugged my phone into my stereo and listened to the audio on the way home, what an inspiring guy!  You can watch the video here.

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