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Sunrise at the Great Salt Lake Marina.
I got to the GSL marina a little early this morning and watched the sunrise until Gords got there.  Two locations on the Great Salt Lake (Antelope Island and Saltair) recently made the list of the top 10 places to view a Utah sunset by the Salt Lake Tribune.  I would say that GSL is an equally good place to watch the sun rise.

This morning was my first of two swims for the day (the second will be later this evening at Blackridge Reservoir).  I only had time to do one lap of the Gridley Straight because of a physical therapy appointment (more on that later).

The first mile felt pretty good.  I felt like my stroke rate was pretty high and that I was making good time.  I sucked in a bug on one breath and it took me a little while to recover.  I was able to stay pretty close to Gords the whole way down.  We took a quick break for water before heading back to the marina.

I felt pretty good on the way back and was keeping more or less even with Gords.  His stroke looked really smooth and it didn't seem like he was even trying.  After a while (maybe halfway), he started speeding up and I decided to try to hang with him.  I didn't quite keep up, but was only a few body lengths behind.  At the marina entrance, we talked for quite a while while laying back on our SSD's.  

There didn't seem to be much current this morning and my splits for each mile were about the same.  As we floated near the buoy, neither of us really drifted towards Black Rock.

Gords left for another loop (bringing his total mileage at GSL to 137!) and I went to my first physical therapy session.

After seeing a new doctor last week, the pain I have been feeling seems to be caused by my pec muscle pulling on my clavicle.  He could definitely see, and feel, the swelling at my appointment.  The doctor sent me to physical therapy to try to strengthen and stretch the muscles in that area to, hopefully, relieve the pain and keep it from getting worse.  The pain was actually pretty minimal today even after the morning's swim.  The physical therapist asked me a bunch of questions and then did some strength and mobility tests, all of which came out pretty good.  Apparently, I almost have the arm rotation to be a good pitcher.  He pinpointed the area that has been bothering me and showed me some stretches and exercises to strengthen, not only my chest muscles, but back and shoulder muscles as well.  I left with some stretchy bands, a beach ball, and a bunch of exercises to do in the next two weeks before my follow-up appointment.  I am optimistic that these exercises are going to help.

Next swim will be this evening at Blackridge Reservoir in Herriman.  Since the reservoir is pretty small, I'm planning on doing some speed work.  I also have an idea to draw a picture using my GPS and swimming...I hope to see you there!

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